HYDAC supplies solutions for

Solar thermal energy

HYDAC supplies hydraulic power units for single-axis tracking of parabolic trough collectors and hydraulic power units for two-axis tracking of solar collectors. These technologies make it possible to increase the effectiveness of the solar cells, allowing your collectors to work with great efficiency.


Hydroelectric power

Today, hydroelectric power stations make an important and sustainable contribution to the world’s energy supply. HYDAC is determined to play its part in enabling people to gain maximum benefit from hydropower. In opening flood gates and intake gates. And in efficiently regulating and protecting turbines and generators. HYDAC proves its expertise with hydraulic and filtration solutions in all sectors. Worldwide.

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Wind power

HYDAC systems enable a reliable conversion of wind into electrical energy in the wind turbines. The optimised and application-oriented design for the respective function required ensures a considerably prolonged service life for components and machines. HYDAC subsystems support the modules and secure technical availability.

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