Diesel filtration in the mining industry

The last thing needed in surface mining is a system failure due to contaminated diesel. Because in a production-oriented industry such as the mining industry, factors such as performance, reliability and low operating costs are crucial. Effective fuel filtration is the solution to these challenges: with HYDAC diesel filters, your systems and machines are perfectly equipped at every step in the supply chain.

More efficiency in the mining industry with effective fuel filtration

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System availability

Effective filtration of your diesel fuels for protection against unscheduled downtimes

In an extremely production-oriented industry such as the mining industry, system failures are a major challenge. Companies operating fleets ranging from small to large diesel vehicles need to ensure both optimal engine performance and long-term reliability. This makes properly filtered diesel fuel all the more important. No matter whether it's systems, mining vehicles or simple generators, "dirty" fuel threatens effective use.

Operating costs

Protect against productivity losses with clean diesel fuels

A diesel engine's effectiveness depends, among other things, on the reliability of the fuel filtration. The consequences of improper filtration are problematic - rapidly rising operating costs pose major challenges for the industry, especially in a strained economic environment.


Efficient filtration with HYDACOur solution: HYDAC diesel filters

With HYDAC, your systems and machines are ideally equipped for surface mining. HYDAC Dieselmicron filter elements were specially developed for diesel filtration with maximum efficiency and minimal pressure loss. They offer the best combination of water separation and particle separation.

The fully synthetic element design ensures stable filtration, high contamination retention capacities and an exceptional water separation function. Thanks to a two-step coalescer design, HYDAC filter elements boast excellent water separation. This is how they enable safe and efficient dewatering – even when there are large amounts of water in the diesel.

An additional advantage: end-to-end filtrationHYDAC ensures clean diesel at every step in the supply chain

Filtering and dewatering diesel at storage facilities and diesel filling stations

Large amounts of fuel are stored in the mining industry. This can often lead to condensation. With our innovative filtration solutions, your fuel stays clean at every step of the process.

Filtration on board

To filter fuel between the system equipment tank and the main engine, we offer comprehensive solutions for filtration on board. This allows you to operate sustainably as well as more efficiently: clean fuel ensures a longer service life for injection components. The focus is ultimately on the considerable cost savings thanks to reduced repair work and fewer downtimes, however.

Your advantages with HYDAC filtration solutions for the mining industry

Improve the reliability and performance of your diesel engine with HYDAC.

Increased performance & reliability

Improve the reliability and performance of your diesel engine.

Sustainably reduce your operating costs thanks to efficient HYDAC filtration.

Reduced operating costs

Reduce your costs sustainably thanks to efficient filtration.

Increase your system availability with HYDAC diesel filtration.

Increased system availability

Clean diesel protects you against unscheduled downtimes and increases the availability of your machines & systems.

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