HYDAC EHCD control modules for hydraulic drives Tailor-made control technology for your hydraulic drive tasks

From simple power amplifiers for proportional valves to robust pressure control valves and complex synchronisation and position control - rely on the extensive HYDAC product range for decentralised control electronics (EHCD). Because with us, you'll find the right product for your hydraulic drives - for all typical applications. Do you want to learn all about our solutions for control technology? Then download our product catalogue now.

Save development costs and commissioning time with HYDAC EHCD modules for hydraulic drives

HYDAC will find the solution to your specific drive challenge. Take a look for yourself - download the EHCD product catalogue now and get a detailed insight into our product range.

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How you benefit from decentralised control technology

Modern automation concepts

The level of automation is increasing and with it the demands on machines. What matters the most here: rapid implementation and the greatest possible flexibility. This is another reason why control tasks are moving closer to the machine. Because with high-performance components getting smaller, a large switch cabinet is not always considered the optimal solution. This is why modern automation and digitalisation concepts rely on decentralised control electronics –  as well as being low in complexity, these also offer high flexibility and a cost-effective design.

Complexity reduction

Less is more – especially when it comes to components, costs and complexity. With increasing requirements and growing digitalisation pressure, modular solutions are becoming all the more important. Decentralised control electronics on your machine are the right solution. This is because relocating computationally intensive tasks reduces the complexity of the central control system. And not only that: decentralised control modules replace large and complex switch cabinets while maintaining the same level of performance.

Our solution: HYDAC EHCD control modules for hydraulic drivesHYDAC is your partner for expertise in tailor-made control technology

Whether it's a simple power amplifier for proportional valves, robust pressure control valves or complex synchronisation and position control - we can offer you your tailor-made solution for all applications. Targeted and tailored to your requirements. We provide you with the best alternative to complex and, above all, expensive competitor products.

Functionalities that you can benefit from:

  • USB interfaces for parameterisation
  • Variety of fieldbus interfaces
  • Real-time optimisation: 1 ms internal cycle time
  • Cost-effective design
  • Standard hardware as a basis for various controller types
  • Standard control algorithms

In addition to power amplifiers, pressure control valves and position controllers, you will also receive our parameterisation software for simple and fast digital controller parameterisation and optimised hydraulic cylinder drives. Thanks to the integrated remote control function, you can control our controllers directly - this means that you can use the drive without a higher-level control system. 

This makes all the difference Your advantages with the HYDAC solutions for decentralised control electronics

Easy parameterisation & fast commissioning

With the snap-on housings for our EHCD modules, your new component can be integrated quickly and easily. Rapid commissioning is important to us  ̶  our EHCD parameterisation software enables table-oriented input, data set saving and loading and universal use for all digital modules. We also support you with any technical questions during the project planning phase - via remote maintenance or at your site.

Needs-based and tailored to your requirements

Less is more: reap the benefits of HYDAC's own components, many years of expertise and modern designs and development methods - all of which enable our experts to develop your tailor-made solutions. With this approach, each of our modules fulfils a specific drive task. This means that we can offer you the right system for your needs - and therefore a cost-effective alternative to complex and, above all, expensive competitor products. You too can save valuable time and development costs.

HYDAC parameterisation software for EHCD control modules

Quick and easy parameterisation: Download our software for your HYDAC digital control module now under "Systems technology".

Discover our parameterisation software now

HYDAC EHCD control modules for hydraulic drives: your advantages at a glance

High flexibility with our modular product range for control technology – for all applications.

High flexibility

Use our modular product range – suitable for use in all kinds of applications and products.

Complexity reduction: we'll find the right module for your specific drive task.

Complexity reduction

Focus on the essentials: we'll find the right module for your specific hydraulic drive task.

HYDAC EHCD modules: the cost-effective alternative to expensive competitor products.

Cost savings

We offer you the right system for your needs - and therefore a cost-effective alternative to complex and, above all, expensive competitor products.

Rapid commissioning thanks to the many functionalities of our EHCD parameterisation software.

Rapid commissioning

Benefit from rapid commissioning thanks to the many functionalities of our EHCD parameterisation software.

Shortened development times: we'll support you throughout the entire project planning phase.

Reduced development time

Rely on HYDAC as your development partner: we'll support you throughout the entire project planning phase.

We offer tailor-made control solutions for almost all your challenges.

Wide product range

We can offer you a tailor-made control solution for almost all of your challenges: get advice from our experts now.


What control challenges would you like to solve?

Contact our experts to discover our expertise in decentralised control electronics.

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