HYDAC mounting technology – at home in virtually every industry Your manufacturer of clamping bands, pipe mounts, hose mounts and cable mounts

Is all mounting technology is created equal? Not always: HYDAC offers more than just first-class quality. We rely on fully automated, in-house production. For us, this means a "Made in Germany" promise. Your advantages are plain to see. We deliver quickly and drive forward custom developments in the shortest possible time. With our innovative R&D team, we develop tailor-made solutions which can also be adapted to your individual challenge. Or would you prefer our standard solution optimised for installation? Get to know our systems now and put us to the test!

HY-ROS mounting technology keeps its promise

State-of-the-art technology and rapid communication between development and sales: rely on HYDAC to mount your components safely.

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Standardised & tailor-made mounting technology produced in-houseFrom coils to bands. From the granulate to the complete clamp.

Do you need economical, durable and simple mounting technology? HYDAC offers everything you need – in the highest quality. We work closely with development, production and customers right from the start. From the first sample production to fully automated production in series.  Our clamping bands mount large-volume containers of any shape. Our clamps can hold any line. The associated supplementary products complete our range. Optimised for the installation space, vibration-damping and impact-absorbing – you can count on our reliable pipe, hose and cable mounting. 

What sets us apartYour experts for clamping bands, pipe mounts, hose mounts & cable mounts

  • Proven to be safe: we understand customer-specific requirements and live and breathe efficient solutions. This is also evidenced by our certifications. Check the specific requirements in your industry. 
  • Flexible: when it comes to 'rapid prototyping', we implement custom solutions in the shortest possible time thanks to our in-house, fully automated production. You are assisted with this by our interdisciplinary team with intelligent solutions and modern tools. 
  • Installation-friendly: save time during setup – with hinged quick release systems that simplify mounting. Are you planning a retrofit? Then you will benefit from our installation-friendly mounting solutions. 

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Highlights & industries Custom-fit HY-ROS clamping bands as well as cable, hose & pipe mounts – for your industry

New mobility

With years of experience as a supplier for the automotive industry, we have optimised our installation solutions to the fullest extent possible – ready for e-mobility and H2 mobility of the future:

  • Mounting solution for hydrogen tanks (type I-V, Ø 200-750 mm), fuel cells, batteries, thermal management components and high voltage cables
  • Flexible thanks to the modular system with clamping bands, neck mounts, TPRD sensor mounting and line mounting
  • Compensation of the tank expansion in diameter and length
  • Crash load protection
  • Homogenised force distribution
  • Elastic pre-tensioning

Rail technology

Compressed air reservoirs, monitoring cameras, cables, fire extinguishers, supply lines and pneumatic lines. In trains, there are a number of applications requiring professional mounting. HYDAC offers one solution for all of these:

  • Materials compliant with international fire protection standards, DIN EN 45545 or NFPA 130
  • Weight-optimised, assembly-friendly and vibration and noise-absorbing
  • Wide range of variants and combination options
  • Additional safety for standard clamps according to DIN3015 thanks to use of embossed welding plates


Successfully certified to IATF 16949, we're your reliable partner for mounting technology in the automotive industry. With 20 years of experience as a tier 1 supplier and fully automated production, you can benefit from our large selection of HY-ROS mounting solutions: 

  • Compressed air reservoirs (brakes)
  • Hydrogen tanks (Type I-IV)
  • Gas tanks (CNG)
  • Cylinders and accumulators
  • Tanks for diesel, LPG, water and AdBlue
  • Object mounts for batteries, fire extinguishers and much more
  • Exhaust systems for diesel particle filters, SCR and catalytic converters
  • Mounts for heat shields and stone chip protection

Our product ranges Clever HY-ROS mounting solutions for a secure hold

Clamping bands from the HY-ROS series

More information on HYDAC clamping bands

DIN 3015 and series strips

More information on HYDAC series strips

HY-ROFLEX large cable mounting

More information on HYDAC HY-ROFLEX

This makes all the difference Rely on HYDAC mounting technology now

In-house development capacities clear the way for custom projects.

Development partners

In-house development capacities clear the way for custom projects. Take advantage of the close cooperation between development, production and sales.

With our fully automated production, we supply you with your products as quickly as possible.

Rapid delivery

With our fully automated, state-of-the-art production and intelligent stock keeping, we supply you with your products as quickly as possible.

Proven to be safe: our mounting solutions are certified to IATF 16949 and DIN 3015.

Certified & safe

HYDAC focuses on safety – which is why our HY-ROS mounting solutions are certified to IATF 16949 and DIN 3015. The materials used are also tested according to national and European standards.

Product brochures available for download From clamping bands and pipe mounts to hose and cable mounts – reach your goal safely with HY-ROS mounting technology.

Your experts for mounting technology

Any questions? Contact HYDAC – we will support you with a broad product range and tailor-made solutions.

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