Extensive product range for all pump technologies

Flow pumps

Suitable for open circuits – the way that flow pumps and centrifugal pumps work has always been a tried-and-tested system. Initiated by a rotating shaft, dynamic forces are released that transfer the particular process medium. With our local presence and global network, we develop custom solutions which meet the strictest quality requirements for your pumps.

Displacement pumps

Gear pumps, dosing pumps, axial piston pumps and screw pumps: displacement pumps are able to handle conveying media with high viscosities. HYDAC offers an extensive range of technology, products and services for displacement pumps. With our in-house solutions, your pumps can achieve maximum performance.

Sustainability & standardisation

Maximising energy efficiency, reducing CO₂ emissions, optimising space requirements: pump manufacturers are confronted with a wide range of challenges. Minimising financial investment is always the goal. Our tried-and-tested technologies support you on your way to a low-waste future with space-optimised and sustainable product solutions for your displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Sustainability in displacement pumps & flow pumps: our product solutions

HYDAC lubrication systems

Our lubrication units with optimal sizing require minimal quantities of oil and little space. In combination with standardised components produced in-house, our systems minimise both your carbon footprint and the costs of your machine. They are developed in accordance with national and international standards (e.g. DIN EN, IEC, ATEX), with approvals from relevant inspection bodies also available on request.

HYDAC compact lubricating unit

Suitable for lubrication applications with low flow rates, our modular system was developed for your industrial pumps. Avoid lengthy development times with the HYDAC HYLU – easy on the environment and your wallet.

HYDAC pump-transfer cooler filtration unit

In process pumps without external lubrication oil containers, continuous cooling and filtration of the lubrication medium needs to be ensured. Our modifiable UKF unit is the perfect solution – even for explosion-proof spaces.

More information on the HYDAC UKF

HYDAC Air-X filter technology

The solution for optimising space requirements and reducing CO₂ – our Air-X technology enables significant tank size reductions thanks to optimised air separation. As little oil and steel are used, we can reliably lower your costs. Find out more now!

More information on HYDAC Air-X

Safety & reliability

Long-lasting pumps with safe operation at all times – our solutions enable low-pulsation flow thanks to highly functional pulsation dampers. Our reliable sealing pressure retention systems allow your pump sealing systems to function so that you can prevent the medium which is being pumped from escaping. HYDAC is your partner for expertise in achieving maximum performance in all pump types. Quality since 1963.

Safety for displacement pumps & flow pumps: our product solutions

HYDAC sealing pressure retention systems

To prevent environmentally hazardous media from escaping from pump systems, our sealing pressure systems keep sealing fluids at a constant pressure level. Leakages are compensated for and fluids are cooled and circulated. High-quality components produced in-house in accordance with API/EN standards are available for you to use as part of a reliable solution.

HYDAC pulsation dampers

A continuous flow rate and precise flow speeds, e.g. in dosing tasks, are ensured by our pulsation dampers. Even with aggressive and critical media, the 100% PTFE diaphragms keep the fluid separate from the gas. Ready for use in the chemical industry, cleaning systems and oil plants – find out about the advantages of using our solution!

System availability

Whether it’s a dosing pump, gear pump, axial piston pump or centrifugal pump: make use of HYDAC services for installation, start-up and repair and reduce system commissioning and inspection times.

Invest in maintenance and exploit the full potential of your displacement pumps and flow pumps. The perfect way to reduce downtime and increase your system availability – our experts are on hand to help you with fluid handling and oil analysis.

System availability for displacement pumps & flow pumps: our product solutions

HYDAC Mobile Filtration Unit MFU

Would you like to increase the productivity of your pumps? When our fluid sensors detect defects in your system, our conditioning units are on hand to help. Our filtration units reduce contamination in your operating fluids – also available with an integrated particle counter.

More information on the HYDAC MFU

HYDAC FAM dewatering unit

HYDAC has the perfect solution even for the gentle reduction of dissolved and free water in hydraulic and lubrication oils: the HYDAC Fluid Aqua Module. Invest in condition-based maintenance and conditioning for your lubrication oil – for long-lasting efficiency in your pumps. Available with ATEX approval.

More information on the HYDAC FAM

HYDAC fluid sensors

The Contamination Sensor CS 1000 series is a stationary particle sensor for continuous recording of solid particle contamination in fluids. Thanks to cutting-edge materials and technologies combined with proven technology, the pump operator has a small and robust stationary fluid sensor at their disposal. Combined with a fluid monitoring module, our sensors are also ready for use in explosion-proof areas.

More information on the HYDAC CS 1000

System availability for displacement pumps & flow pumps: our service solutions

HYDAC service vehicles

HYDAC is on call for you: with our well-equipped service vehicle fleet, material containers and workshop containers, we can support you directly on site. Whether it’s adjusting systems or extensive engineering services – together we can reduce your pump wear and energy consumption.

HYDAC service

Reap the benefits of our extensive service programme: from troubleshooting and system inspection with reconditioning, to cleaning oil containers and operating media (functional tests included). We even provide advice on maintenance strategies – the HYDAC Service team offers comprehensive support. For maximum system availability. Contact us now.

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HYDAC's rental service

When equipment is only required for short periods, there is often understandable opposition to making any costly investments. Our rental devices are at your disposal – from filtration units and flushing units to measuring units and nitrogen charging units. Maintained and checked regularly, our units for hire are always reliable and ready for operation. This is how we support manufacturers, operators and service departments with long-lasting pump efficiency.

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Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 & monitoring

High-quality, reliable, solution-oriented – cutting-edge networking technologies from HYDAC enable your pump operation to be monitored online with unscheduled downtime reduced to a minimum. For predictive maintenance and efficient operation of your dosing pumps, gear pumps, axial piston pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Digitalising your displacement pumps & flow pumps: our product solutions

HYDACLAB® oil condition sensor

Precise, permanent, online – keep track of your hydraulic fluids thanks to our multifunctional sensor with CANopen protocol. We can work with you to optimise your pump's long-term availability in conjunction with our fluid conditioning units.

More information on the HYDACLAB® 1400


Even pump manufacturers are having to think about digitalisation. For visualisation and analysis of your data, HYDAC can support you with the CMX suite. Our scalable IoT solution can be used either completely locally or in the cloud. Get in touch with us – we're happy to help you.

More information on the HYDAC CMX suite

HYDAC sensors with an IO-Link interface

HYDAC has developed a wide range of sensors with IO-Link interfaces to enable digital networking for your pump technology. The smart HYDAC sensors store characteristic signal parameters that can give you important information on your system operation.

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Do you need further information? Our brochures on displacement pumps and flow pumps are available to download