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As an international group, we have a global network of expertise, quality standards and customer focus. In this way, we can meet the market’s strict requirements and support you as an expert partner in developing your tailored solution. Find out more about our company.

HYDAC – 50 international subsidiaries, one DNA

Founded in Saarland in 1963 as “Gesellschaft für Hydraulikzubehör” (Company for Hydraulics Accessories) and run as a family company, HYDAC has never stopped improving. HYDAC now has 50 international subsidiaries, roughly 500 sales and service partners, 14 product lines and more than 9,500 employees worldwide.

Rely on HYDAC’s expertise in hydraulics, systems and fluid engineering. We are committed to providing all-inclusive solutions that span industrial sectors and are sustainable and above all customer-oriented. We are not theorists – with comprehensive understanding of the industry, we develop systems that will stand the test of time. For you and with you.


If you’re into hydraulics, or if you need filtration or cooling of water, you have come to the right place.
In Norway you find more than 30 out of the HYDAC company’s 9500 enthusiastic problem solvers.
If you bring us onto the team we help you make your solutions even better

Berghagan 4A, N-1405 LANGHUS. Tlf. 64 85 86 00. Mail: firmapost@hydac.no

  • Entirely owned by Hydac International GmbH
  • Established August 2001
  • 31 employees, of which 20 are engineers

Hydac AS is entirely owned by HYDAC International, which is the world's largest family-owned manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems. We handle sales, service and system construction for the whole of Norway.

For hydraulics:
We create movement, control, filter, cool, measure, reduce noise, troubleshoot, deliver systems and help with CM and maintenance of your systems.

For process fluids:
We clean all liquids with patented solutions from HYDAC.

Hello and welcome to us at Hydac AS

If you work with hydraulics, and perhaps also need monitoring of it, if you need cooling of liquids or purification of water - or perhaps all of them.?

Then you need to get to know us better.

HYDAC AS is qualified through Achilles

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Our Team in Norway

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HYDAC – driving and experiencing innovation

Constantly facing new challenges, we have never stopped developing our portfolio. In Germany alone, more than 900 of our engineers in the areas Fluid and Engineering work with you to create energy-efficient, reliable and low-waste solutions. Our new patent applications are testimony to our feel for innovation.

An international network, with local roots

We speak your language and are aware of the challenges on the ground. HYDAC provides a network of international and local specialists. This helps us to develop tailored solutions for and with our customers, adapted to suit your regional requirements.

Sustainability in practice

For all our technologies and developments, we focus not only on the here and now, but also on the future. Beyond the legal requirements, we use renewable energy at our sites. At the same time, we value regionality – with our 50 HYDAC subsidiaries and more than 500 sales and service partners worldwide, we are in close contact with our customers and keep our delivery routes short.

Creating value since 1963

Customer orientation

Our customers are our driving force. They spur us on to keep on developing ourselves even further. For this reason, they are at the centre of all the decisions we make. In our collaborations, we make a point of communicating with our customers as partners and being transparent.

We are a family

As a family business, we are proud of our strong team. Therefore, as a maxim, we always have to act responsibly Because we value solidarity. Whether it concerns opportunities for further development, leisure activities or reconciling work and family.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit spurs us on to find the most efficient and economically viable solution for you: because your success is our success. Together with you, we tackle the requirements of the market – always making sure that our products represent an attractive long-term investment for you.


From a Saarland family company to an international company group – this takes a great deal of courage. The courage to question the status quo, think outside the box and create something new. After all, the only way to stay at the cutting edge is to risk exploring unconventional paths.


For over 50 years, we have been a development partner for our customers. We use extensive tests and simulations to develop reliable technologies that are perfectly tailored to suit your requirements. This is how we create products and services that fulfil the highest safety standards and quality requirements.


We keep moving. Like our products, which we constantly adapt to suit the latest requirements and challenges, we also transform ourselves all the time. With our view fixed on the future, and our knowledge of the past, we respond to our environment flexibly.


Hungry for knowledge, future-oriented and forward-looking: HYDAC is always at the cutting edge and is now represented worldwide in more than 14 product lines. We enjoy tackling new challenges, always well-equipped with our experience from the past.

Business Code


Being a globally active group of companies, we see it as a matter of course to act according to the same basic principles on the market all over the world with responsibility towards the environment and society. For this reason we are certified, with re-certifications performed at regular intervals.

The business code below lays down minimum requirements on this basis, which can be supplemented to suit national needs.

  1. Relevant existing laws and other national and international regulations form the natural fundamentals for our action.
  2. We take account of the relevant social, cultural and political boundary conditions.
  3. For us, human dignity rules out any kind of discrimination, force or harassment. It also means that workers should be free to join associations and to exercise this right within the framework of applicable legal provisions.
  4. The applicable regulations with regard to protection of minors, labour protection and health protection are an imperative and postulation for us to put these human rights into practice.
  5. Confidentiality is a central prerequisite for fair and partnership-based cooperation. This includes respect for the privacy of each individual, including their personal data.
  6. We stand by the principles of a free market economy and hence by open and fair competition. We neither engage in nor tolerate any form of corruption or other improper influence over others’ freedom to make decisions.
  7. We develop and produce safe and reliable quality products with a view to efficient and sustainable future viability.
  8. In compliance with national and international environmental standards, we avoid adverse impact on the environment, observe requirements regarding the origin of raw materials and use resources responsibly and efficiently to contribute to sustainable development.
  9. We give employees and other interested third parties confidential access to a process for reporting potential breaches of these principles.
  10. Independently of any legal obligations, we expect our business partners to comply on their part with the fundamental guidelines of these principles and to actively ensure that their own business partners also comply with these guidelines and respect them.

We will not cooperate with persons, companies or institutions, of whom or which we know that they do not observe minimum standards.

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Status: 2022