Compact power units for aerial work platforms Tailor-made systems for your applications

We offer you the answer to increased requirements: our HYDAC experts develop tailor-made compact power units for your aerial work platforms. We rely on power units in a wide variety of designs - tailored to your application. Your advantage: our tried-and-tested control functions, valve technology and filtration are directly integrated. This is how we optimise installation space and increase the service life of your application.

Efficient compact power units for aerial work platforms thanks to pressure compensators and optional double pumps

Extended duty cycle A perfectly designed unit for every application

Heavy loads quickly lead to overheating. To avoid unplanned downtimes, components also need to withstand high duty cycles. HYDAC compact power units can be operated up to a complete battery charge. This is ensured by efficient ventilated motors with a high duty cycle.

Efficient design Cost reductions due to downsizing

With a focus on efficiency:  optimally designed systems with speed control, pressure compensators and proportional valves ensure efficient operation and smooth movements. At the same time, we focus on compact power units – depending on the application, the integrated double pump can enable the engine to be downsized. This saves you costs and increases the efficiency of your machine.

Increased machine availability Permanent operational capability for your working platform

HYDAC makes your application future-proof: extensive tests over verified cycles ensure valuable machines even after several years. We focus on mapping your service life requirements so that you save costs and resources in the long term.

More comfort Solutions for sensitive machine operation and smooth start-up

Comfortable machines increase efficiency, especially on long working days. Safety is also increased: the pressure compensator integrated into HYDAC compact power units ensures a smooth start-up. Our HYDAC proportional valves including integrated pressure filtration also make your machines highly sensitive.

Our solution: HYDAC compact power units for aerial work platformsFor maximum productivity, safety and comfort

Increase the productivity of your aerial work platform with HYDAC: HYDAC compact power units cover a wide range of functions in addition to lifting, lowering and basket levelling. For increased machine reliability, we rely on safety functions such as temperature monitoring. Easily accessible systems also increase the serviceability of your machine.

More comfort during lifting and lowering is provided by the integrated valve technology - the safety circuit with two redundant valves achieves active flow rate control, enabling the highest level of safety, simple operation and easy manoeuvrability.

You too can rely on our HYDAC solutions for aerial work platforms - for proportional, precise and smooth movements.

This makes the difference Your advantages with HYDAC compact power units

HYDAC offers you compact Plug & Play solutions for easy installation and commissioning

Simple assembly & commissioning

thanks to Plug & Play solutions

HYDAC enables a compact design and an optimum tank layout

Installation space optimisation

thanks to a compact design and optimal tank layout

Increase your machine availability!

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