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Intelligent hydraulics

HYDAC is the home of hydraulics: we have been supporting our customers in all matters relating to hydraulic applications since 1963. In collaboration with our shipping specialists, we create solutions for you that are well thought out from start to finish. We don't just supply components. We also see ourselves as a system partner for complex hydraulic applications. Such as the hydraulics for the Wallaby boat – the first workboat with a hydraulic suspension system which enables active and passive movement compensation of wave forces.

Applications for intelligent hydraulics

HYDAC Tank Reduction Unit

Space is precious -– that's why tank size also has an impact on a ship's technology below deck. With the TRU, you can reduce the volume by up to 80 %. The result: significant cost savings, lower material usage and less oil. How does it work? Get in touch with our experts.

HYDAC hydraulic power units

Small spaces require a great deal of creativity if you don’t want to have to make any compromises with your hydraulic power units below deck. We offer cost-effective hydraulic power units for this – and with HYDAC, installation and maintenance are also taken care of.

HYDAC wave compensation hydraulics

Our wave compensation hydraulics used in the Wallaby boat have several advantages for you: high performance on the waves, increased safety, increased comfort, fewer emissions and lower costs. You also benefit from higher availability than other comparable boats. To simulate these types of projects, we work with our in-house experts at marpitec.

HYDAC rudder systems

For 1, 2 and 3-blade rudder systems, we develop hydraulic systems entirely according to your wishes – without design specifications. In collaboration with the experts at KRAEFT, HYDAC is able to supply all the power units, control cabinets, bridge decks and cylinders for the shipping industry.

HYDAC rudder angle control

Real control instead of just rudder adjustment – HYDAC provides variable-speed hydraulics. Our compact drive units with a low oil volume reliably control your rudder angles. With a drive power of 45 kW, our drives are fully redundant.

HYDAC portable data recorders

HYDAC supplies a comprehensive range of components for setting up modern condition monitoring systems, such as the HMG 4000 – a measuring device that records and analyses all relevant measured variables. It also stores the data and ensures that the sensors are properly parameterised.

More information on the HYDAC HMG 4000

®oil condition sensors

The HYDACLAB® helps you to detect premature oil degradation und mixing with other fluids. It's an oil condition sensor that continuously monitors your hydraulic oils and lubricating oils. It keeps your fluids free from contamination thanks to needs-based maintenance.

More information on the HYDACLAB®

HYDAC flow sensors

Is your system on strike? Sometimes it's down to little things. Our flow sensor doesn't just provide pump dry-running protection. It also detects leaks at an early stage. It reliably measures and monitors liquid media flow rates.

Trim tabs

Want to reduce your ship's fuel consumption? Reach the full potential of your trim tabs and get your boat planing faster. Our purpose-built control blocks and power units help your ship to sail smoothly. This allows motorboats and yachts to glide quickly and efficiently over the water.

Applications for trim tabs

HYDAC control blocks

To use fuel efficiently and make a smooth trip at sea possible, control blocks for coordinating the trim tabs are essential. Learn more about our wide product range, including special control blocks for speedboats and yachts.

More information on HYDAC control blocks

HYDAC compact power units

Compact and energy-efficient: our compact power units are always ready for operation without energy consumption. This saves you resources and therefore costs in the long term. We'll be happy to advise you on the best power unit for your application below deck.

More information on HYDAC compact power units

Bow thrusters & rudder propellers

To manoeuvre ships of several thousand tonnes safely and avoid accidents, bow thrusters and rudder propellers have become indispensable. Faultless positioning in the tightest of spaces requires maximum precision.
Maximum precision and durability are also the cornerstones of our product development for the shipping industry. From the right drive solution and cooling and lubrication systems to condition monitoring products. With our all-round carefree package, you'll safely reach the next harbour.

Applications for bow thrusters & rudder propellers

HYDAC bow thrusters

When manoeuvring in confined spaces or in difficult conditions, the quality of the bow thrusters is crucial. We supply these to you with the best material pairings and certifications included. With our subsidiary KRAEFT, we're able to offer you expertise and experience relevant to the shipping industry.

HYDAC water sensors

Prevent unnecessary interruptions to operation by detecting water in oil at an early stage. Our AS 1000 water sensor is at your side for reliable condition monitoring. Find out more today!

More information on the HYDAC AS 1000

HYDAC cooling systems

The right cooling system is essential. We offer you a wide range of cooling systems in all kinds of versions. From liquid-air and liquid-water to water-glycol – optimised systems increase the availability of your machines below deck.

More information on HYDAC cooling systems

HYDAC lubrication systems

Increase the service life of your bow thrusters and rudder propellers – our lubrication systems make this possible. Our tried-and-tested technology can be tailored to suit your ship's specific requirements. Tell us about your challenges and we'll work with you to find the optimum solution.

HYDAC IPM motors for bow thrusters

Asynchronous motors are often used for bow thrusters. But there is one big disadvantage: they are heavy. Our Internal Permanent Magnet motors are lightweight and offer you considerable weight savings. Contact us to find out more.

Rudder systems

Rudder systems - you can't do without them. They are primarily responsible for reliable steering to get you safely from harbour to harbour. They are supported by variable pitch propellers, which ensure that the right thrust is always available. Failures in this technology on the high seas would be catastrophic, which is why we offer components and systems with type approval that are certified to the highest requirements set out by the classification societies. For the safety of the ship and your crew.

Applications for rudder systems

HYDAC rudder systems

Whether it’s a 1, 2 or 3-blade rudder system – we offer you the right hydraulics for every system in collaboration with our partner, KRAEFT. Even redundant rudder machines are covered by our product range. Get in touch with us – we'll be happy to help you.

HYDAC pressure switches EDS 300

Reliable and safe: our compact, electronic pressure switch with an integrated digital display is ideal for pressure and limit value signalling in the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics. Our sensors with type approval are particularly impressive in shipping applications.

More information on HYDAC pressure switches

HYDAC ball valves

Our ball valves are suited to safely shutting off and diverting your media, especially when it comes to cargo pumping systems. We provide a wide range of high-quality and robust materials for your maritime applications. Custom designs are also possible – we support you from the requirements analysis and the development stage to the finished product.

HYDAC coaxial valves

Certified to PTB (Ex), TÜV and DVGW – rely on our 2/2 and 3/2-way coaxial valves for your applications below deck. Our shut-off devices reliably control gaseous or liquid media in pipes. They are designed for pressure ranges from 0-100 bar and are also available in stainless steel due to the harsh conditions at sea.

More information on HYDAC coaxial valves

Process water

Efficient ballast water treatment and exhaust gas purification are essential to protecting the oceans. This is sometimes very expensive to install and takes up a lot of space below deck – space which then isn't available for cargo.
The solution: compact and durable components and systems. Supplied by HYDAC. What are you waiting for? Contact our experts directly for detailed advice.

Applications for process water


We offer self-cleaning automatic filters for every media and for every type and degree of contamination. The advantages: a longer service life and low energy consumption with documented quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

More information on HYDAC AutoFilt®

HYDAC sensors with type approval

A broad range of sensors awaits you – with a focus on maximum safety. Equipped with type approval, they reliably support your technology in the shipping industry.

More information on HYDAC sensors

HYDAC inline filters

You too can benefit from the use of HYDAC inline filters. Our high-quality products extend the service life of your ship technology thanks to efficient filtration. Find out more about our extensive product range now.

More information on HYDAC inline filters

HYDAC plate heat exchangers

Discover our robust plate heat exchangers. We supply titanium heat transfer plates which are specially designed for seawater applications so that you can benefit from a particularly long service life.

More information on HYDAC plate heat exchangers

HYDAC screen basket filters

Modular, robust and powerful – our screen basket filter is ideally suited to ballast water treatment in your maritime technology. Easy to use and equipped with cleanable filter materials, the PRFS helps you to save costs.

More information on HYDAC screen basket filters

HYDAC inline filters PLF1/PLF2

Designed for the continuous separation of solids from low-viscosity liquids – the process inline filter from HYDAC impresses with its compact design and high contamination retention capacity. The modular design allows maximum flexibility – the filter can be expanded as required.

More information on HYDAC inline filters

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