Industry 4.0 Trade Fair and Training Vehicle

A Practical Approach

In order to bring our wide range of services in the field of digitalization closer to our customers, we present the i4.0 exhibition and training vehicle. The fully networked bus is used to demonstrate HYDAC products in the context of Industry 4.0, showing the latest IO-Link smart and fluid condition monitoring sensors, intelligent variable speed drives and CMX software. The two entrances of the exhibition area allow us to present our products in small groups according to current Corona hygiene requirements. If you would like to present the i4.0 vehicle at your next customer appointment. We will be happy to support you here!

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The Project

Economy and industry are currently at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Driven by the Internet, the real and the virtual world are increasingly coming together to form the Internet of things (IoT). This universal networking opens up the possibility of entirely new business models and significant optimisation potential in production and logistics. With our latest digital products and components, our aim is to support this process.

At HYDAC, we offer a wide range of products and services, possess in-depth knowledge of applications and are therefore recommended as a partner for all kinds of i4.0 developments. Furthermore, we work with our customers on future-focused products, digital services and new business models. To make our large range of services more accessible for our customers, we have set up an i4.0 vehicle. The fully networked bus serves to demonstrate HYDAC products in the context of i4.0. Intelligent drive units and analysis software are shown, in addition to the latest IO-Link smart and fluid condition monitoring sensors.


Furthermore, the vehicle is used to train our i4.0 product portfolio and how it is networked. Would you like to find out more about HYDAC and i4.0? We will gladly pay you a visit.

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You can connect to the vehicle network directly with your own smartphone, tablet or laptop and try out our innovative solutions yourself.

Inside the I4.0 Vehicle

  • IO-Link sensor demonstrator (incl. process and oil condition sensors)
  • KineSys DVA demonstrator (hydraulic power unit with variable speed drive)
  • Edge computer (HYDAC DATA+)
  • Demo projection screen with CMX software
  • Fluid condition monitoring sensor (demonstrator with Flumos Mobile app)

Fluid Engineering

With Fluid Engineering, HYDAC offers technical solutions for plant operators that contribute significantly to cost reduction and sustainability. By solving tasks in the field of fluid engineering, we support you in your production. This includes:

  • Process and plant optimization with regard to resource conservation and energy efficiency
  • Optimization of filtration tasks
  • Maintenance and service life extension of process fluids by degassing, deoiling and dewatering, ...
  • Process chain analysis and technical cleanliness
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Digital Fluid Engineering


With CMX, HYDAC's hard- and software suite, condition monitoring is easier than ever! In the I4.0 Bus of the Fluid Engineering Team, you can clearly understand how sensors can be connected, integrated and the sensor data displayed in CMX. In various application examples, you can experience the entire process and get many new ideas for possible implementations. We will also show you how CMX and HYDAC sensors can be integrated into existing systems and what is possible in the field of data analysis with CMX.