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Modern and intelligent drive systems from HYDAC KineSys – more efficiency and reduced complexity thanks to tailored configuration.

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HYDAC KineSysHYDAC KineSys is your partner for hydraulic and electromechanical drive solutions

We use tailored configuration to find the solution that matches your application – from simple control to highly dynamic closed-loop control. Make use of our industry know-how and our application expertise and put together your individual drive concept with HYDAC.



Project planning for your application

We support you in selecting the required drive concept for your application and work with you to find the perfect solution. Our systems are incorporated into your application in a way that is efficient, modern and systematic.

Package solution: one supplier, one contact

HYDAC KineSys utilises the comprehensive range of HYDAC products as well as KineSys drive components to produce customised designs for drive solutions. With our HYDAC package solutions, you receive everything from one source – which saves time and is cost-effective. Modern simulation and system engineering tools support the tailored configuration.

Parameterisation of drive controller and validation of system integration

The tailored parameterisation/validation of the drive concept allows a higher level of integration to be achieved and the complexity of the incorporation can be significantly reduced.

Thanks to our many years of experience, very many applications can be covered.

Integration into your application

With our user-friendly and intuitive software, we are able to commission complex systems quickly and reliably. We will support you if any adjustments are made, and document the changes. This means that we can ensure that high functionality is guaranteed.

HYDAC KineSys – our product solutions We can offer fast assistance with our standard solutions, but can also support you flexibly with our system expertise and also with individual solutions from our special portfolio.



Data & edge computing

Press systems

SolutionsIn the spirit of providing “today’s solutions for tomorrow’s applications”, we follow the trends in your industry


Digital solutions for your drive system from KineSys. DATA+ – a condition monitoring system for edge and cloud applications.

DVA-Kit configuration

Online configuration of hydraulic power units made easy. No login, no registration. Enter you configuration points, select your options and request your custom power unit with the click of a button.

Try it out today


Energy and CO2 savings currently play a major role within production. HYDAC KineSys has been committed to such megatrends since its incorporation.


Incorporating our drive systems into your device. Interfaces, functions and integration possibilities. We support you from the design to the tailored configuration and initial start-up. Whether it’s a drive controller or a complete package with control and switch cabinet construction.



The powerful PC software HFI-CM-Startup (HYDAC frequency inverter – cabinet mounted) offers many ways to rapidly start up and optimise KineSys drive systems.

The dialogue-guided initial start-up with graphic support of drives considerably simplifies the configuration of the electromechanical or hydraulic system. The motor is parameterised by means of the electronic name plate.

A commissioning file can be used to perform serial start-ups. This results in significant time savings in series projects. The software is rounded off with practical and intuitive diagnostic instruments.


The PC software HMM Start-Up (HYDAC frequency inverter – motor mounted) is highly user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive UI, making it the perfect interface to your drive system from HYDAC KineSys.

The software makes it possible to parameterise the electromechanical or hydraulic system quickly and straightforwardly. The integrated oscilloscope function can be used to visualise operating and measurement data and to check settings.
Automatic motor identification, default parameter settings and custom actual-value displays automate and speed up the initial start-up of the application.


Do you have any questions regarding our product portfolio or do you need assistance in incorporating our drive systems into your application?
We are happy to help and will answer your phone or written enquiry promptly.

One of our staff will be in touch with you right away and we will work with you to find the right answer/solution.
If you would like remote support, please install the required software on your system in advance.



Who or what is HYDAC KineSys?

With over 8,000 employees worldwide, HYDAC is one of the leading suppliers of fluid power, hydraulic and electronic equipment. The KineSys team is your partner for expertise in drive solutions relating to kinematic systems.

Where does the name KineSys come from?

The name KineSys is based on a combination of the words kinematics and system.

What are variable-speed drives?

KineSys variable-speed drives (DVA) are the perfect example of symbiosis between hydraulics and electronics. Thanks to the integrated closed-loop control, the drive motor can be adjusted automatically. This results in major energy-savings potential, as energy is only made available if it is actually needed. Energy savings of up to 70% can therefore be realised, depending on the machine cycle. The condition-optimised adjustment of the KineSys solution reduces the power dissipation to a minimum and the complexity on the hydraulic side is drastically reduced.

What are electro-cylinders?

As they are easy to integrate and need no maintenance, HYDAC electro-cylinders (HEZ) allow simple implementation of linear movements. The functionality of the HEZ is achieved by means of the following set-up:

A (gear) motor drives the spindle via a coupling that is mounted in the bearing housing in ball bearings. The threaded nut converts the rotary movement of the spindle into a linear movement, as the nut housing is secured against turning by plain bearing guides. The piston tube is driven by the connection with the nut housing. The motor’s direction of rotation thus causes the piston tube to extend or retract. The spindle’s rotational speed and the pitch of the thread determine the translational speed. The inside of the HYDAC electro-cylinder is protected from environmental influences by a sealing system. Swivel brackets on the bearing housing and a clevis eye at the piston tube can be used for mounting, for example.

What is a CO3 unit?

Based on a variable-speed drive and full integration of frequency inverter and cooling system, the CO3 unit is a very inexpensive compact hydraulic supply unit. The main fields of application of this plug & play solution are machine tools, in particular lathes.

Why are variable-speed drives considered particularly energy-efficient and quiet?

The reasons why variable-speed drives are considered particularly energy-efficient and quiet is that both the required flow and the hydraulic power (and thus the electric power) are provided to the consumer only as needed. The hydraulic flow rate and rotational speed of the motor drops, and the noise level of the fan and hydraulic pump is minimised. When no power needs to be fed, the drive unit can even be switched off completely. Accordingly, a variable-speed drive is much more quiet and energy-efficient than conventional drives with a constant rotational motor speed. 

What types of pumps does HYDAC KineSys use?

HYDAC KineSys uses external gear pumps (PGE) and internal gear pumps (PGI), as well as other pump types on request.

Why are electro-cylinders considered environmentally friendly?

Electro-cylinders (HEZ) are “self-contained axes”. The risk of environmentally harmful “leakage” is eliminated. Unlike a hydraulic system, no oil is taken in from a tank and fed into the hydraulic cylinders through all kinds of components. In an HEZ, no fluid “medium” is used to transmit force. This function is performed by the motor, the transmission and the spindle. The rotational movement of the motor is converted into a linear movement. Only grease lubrication protects the components and the internal friction is reduced. Harm to the environment can be prevented by using electro-cylinders.

What force ranges can be covered with HYDAC electro-cylinders (HEZ)?

  • HEZ-0 up to 6 kN
  • HEZ-2 up to 25 kN
  • HEZ-3 up to 70 kN
  • HEZ-X up to 500 kN

What advantages do HEZ have over hydraulic systems?

  • Decentralisation
  • No complex connection between energy supply and actuator
  • No leakage
  • No contamination of the environment or nature
  • No maintenance intervals needed (service life of lubrication)
  • High dynamic performance and accuracy
  • Adjustment of rotational speed/position can be realised easily by means of fixed spindle pitch
  • Simple remote control and operation
  • Rapid start-up thanks to plug and play
  • Wide temperature range
  • Many additional options possible (IP protection class, ATEX protection)

What data are needed for the configuration?

You can click the link to the “HEZ List of Questions” directly and enter your data.

HEZ List of Questions EN

Is closed-loop force adjustment possible?

Yes, this can be done on the basis of the torque of the motor. Depending on requirements, external force sensors can also be used for greater accuracy.

Is closed-loop position adjustment possible?

Yes, this can be done by means of a rotary encoder (or angular position encoder) directly at the motor shaft or external linear position measurement system.

Is it possible for two or more electro-cylinders to run synchronously?

Yes, both mechanically coupled synchronisation and synchronisation on the software side are possible.

Can an HEZ be used in S1 continuous operation?

Yes, but the performance and cycle data are needed to allow suitable dimensioning.

Can an HEZ be operated without the use of a frequency inverter?

Yes, for simple applications such as extension and retraction at a constant speed, no frequency inverter is needed.

What does the abbreviation HFI-MM stand for?

The drive controller HYDAC HFI-MM (Hydac Frequency Inverter – Motor Mounted) is a device for speed control of three-phase motors.

The drive controller can be mounted on the motor (with adapter plate “Standard”) or close to the motor (with adapter plate “Surface-mounted”).

What does the abbreviation HFI-CM stand for?

HYDAC drive controller HFI-CM (Hydac Frequency Inverter – Cabinet Mounted) for permanently energised synchronous motors.

A servo-drive system with wide performance range, flexible fieldbus connection, integrated safety technology and IEC61131 programmability.

Does the 400V supply voltage need to be shielded?

No, the 400V supply voltage for the frequency inverter does not need to be shielded. Only the line between motor and inverter needs to be shielded.

What data are needed for the configuration? What data are needed for the configuration?

You can download the “HEZ List of Questions” directly and enter your data. To make an enquiry, simply send the list to kinesys(at)hydac.com.

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