Mobile remote maintenance tool for machine control How you can reduce your travel expenses and downtime

You know the situation: unforeseen problems come up with the machine control and you need an expert's advice on site. It often takes an expert longer to arrive than planned due to illness, staff shortages and entry regulations – in the worst case scenario, the machine is at a standstill until then. In addition to travel expenses, there are also financial losses due to the decreased productivity. This is why HYDAC has developed a mobile remote maintenance solution in various versions which saves you time and money. Read more.

Always have your specialists at hand – the HYDAC Remote Service Case (plus)#remotemaintenance #remoteservice #machinecontrol

Rely on our remote maintenance tools for repair, maintenance, optimisation and diagnostics. The advantage: a specialist is no longer required on site – when the HYDAC remote maintenance tool (RSC / RSC+) is sent out to you, your machine control system can immediately start being analysed as if the service technician were on site. It's even possible to directly connect to sensors with the HYDAC RSC+.

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It's time for efficient service & less downtimeQuick help with maintenance and service calls

Software updates, error analysis, long-term diagnoses and machine repair and maintenance often require a specialist's assistance. It's often not easy to get one of these coveted appointments due to today's skill shortages. In addition, large physical distances make it difficult to intervene quickly. While you're trying to make an appointment, the machine is working at reduced productivity – resulting in significant losses in performance and costing you money.

These are avoidable costs because with the HYDAC remote maintenance tool, your dedicated specialist can access the machine control system wherever they are, without having to jump on an airplane. Our remote maintenance tool is sent out instead – it's easy to start up and this can be done in just seven steps. This results in short response times, minimised travel expenses and increased system availability.

Mobile plug & play remote maintenance toolRobust design – pre-programmed for direct use

No more waiting for an expert to visit in person – with our robust remote maintenance tool, specialists get direct access to your machine control system and can help you quickly and easily. An encrypted VPN connection certified to ISO 27001 between the specialists and your machine control system provides the necessary cyber security. Our remote maintenance tool is also ready for use even without a functioning power supply thanks to an optional battery pack. So there's nothing standing in the way of professional remote maintenance.  
Our modular remote maintenance solution is available in various versions. Choose the model that best suits your individual situation. Whether it's with a USB, Ethernet or direct connection to sensors – we're happy to advise you.

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HYDAC Remote Service Case

Technical data

  • Supply voltage: 12 … 24 V DC +/- 20%
  • Power consumption: approx. 30 W
  • Ambient temperature: -20 … 70°C
  • Air humidity: 10 … 95%, non-condensing
  • Protection class (open): IP 20
  • Protection class (closed): IP 65
  • Weight: 10 kg

HYDAC Remote Service Case plus

Technical data

  • Supply voltage: 12 … 24 V DC +/- 20%
  • Power consumption: approx. 68 W
  • Ambient temperature: -20 … 70°C
  • Air humidity: 10 … 95%, non-condensing
  • Protection class (open & closed): IP 65
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Connections:
    • Sensors: Channel A … H (M12x1); Channel I … J (M12x1)
    • Controllers/modules: up to 2 USB sockets, type A; up to 2 RJ45 sockets

Your advantages Remote maintenance with HYDAC

Save travel expenses and downtime costs with remote service from HYDAC

Cost reductions

Saving travel expenses and downtime costs ensures that the investment in the HYDAC remote maintenance tool pays for itself after just a few uses.

Quick maintenance & service work due to the elimination of long travel times

Time savings

Eliminating the long travel times means that you get in touch with your dedicated specialist sooner – problems are solved promptly thanks to the remote service.

Quick & targeted intervention thanks to remote maintenance

System availability

The HYDAC RSC / RSC+ allows for quick and targeted intervention, which reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Anywhere, any time – complete data transparency for your specialists thanks to the HYDAC RSC / RSC+

Data transparency

With the Remote Service Case plus, experts get access to all controller data, including all sensor data – which can easily be transferred to the HYDAC cloud.

Custom designs for your specific requirements


The modular design means our remote maintenance tool can be customised to meet your needs. USB, Ethernet or direct connection to sensors – it's all up to you.


What is the difference between the HYDAC RSC and RSC+?

The Remote Service Case accesses the controller via Ethernet and the measuring instrument via USB. The Remote Service Case plus offers the same advantages as our standard version. With this version, up to ten sensor values can also be transferred to the HYDAC CMX cloud platform where our specialists can analyse them.

What components make up the HYDAC RSC?

What components make up the HYDAC RSC+?

Is it easy to start up the HYDAC RSC / RSC+?

Commissioning is quick and easy – our tool is ready for remote maintenance in just seven steps:

  1. Open the case
  2. Connect the antenna
  3. Connect the power supply
  4. Connect the Ethernet or USB
  5. Place the antenna to get the best possible reception
  6. Wait until the LED lights up
  7. Call your system or software specialist. Your specialists get access to the device and help you as if they were there on site.

Can I rent the HYDAC RSC / RSC+?

Of course you can also get our remote maintenance tool as a rental device – we always have devices available for this purpose. Contact us to receive your Remote Service Case or Remote Service Case plus quickly and easily.

Is the data transmission secure?

A VPN connection via mobile telephony (4G LTE), encrypted and certified to ISO 27001, to the Talk2M service portal provides protected data transfer between the controller and the service technician’s PC. Access to the customer's network is not required. This enables all security concerns to be eliminated.

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