From the component to the system, whether it’s hydraulics, electronics or software for your agricultural machineryWe make it our challenge to offer you the best HYDAC solution

For the agricultural machine industry, HYDAC offers, in addition to its own proven components, system solutions tailored to your own individual preferences based on our widely tested and qualitatively high-value hydraulics and electronics product range.

  • Comprehensive machine know-how
  • Increase in ease of use through reduced vibration and noise 
  • Improved operability through optimised design and linking of components
  • Increased operational safety due to reduced number of interfaces
  • Integration of reliable electronic systems and components
  • Cost optimisation through reductions in the diversity of variants with standard components and modular design
  • Active collaboration in close development partnership
  • Worldwide commercial and technical support through our global presence and local expertise

HYDAC supplies a large range of components and systems to help you deal with the elevated requirements in the agricultural machine sector Our solutions for tractors, towed and self-propelled machines and attachments

Whether it’s ready-to-adapt or custom-made – our experts have the perfect solution for your machine:

  • Electronic controls and sensors
  • Front loader control blocks and 6/2 selector valves
  • Accumulator technology
  • Accessories
  • Controls, working and additional hydraulics
  • Emergency steering pump kit
  • Tank-filter solutions
  • Diesel fuel pump kit
  • Filtration solutions
  • Cooling systems
  • Customer-specific central hydraulics
  • Input control blocks
  • Working hydraulics for agricultural devices
  • Suspension systems
  • Boom suspension
  • Priority valve
  • Cab suspension
  • Transmission shift control