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We put together comprehensive solution packages made up of products, services and know-how for your particular needs. The optimisation of filtration tasks represents only one part of the service spectrum. Fluid engineering also integrates the following:

  • Optimisation of production processes & systems
  • Fluid conditioning for process reliability & increasing service life
  • Minimisation of initial contamination of parts & systems to reduce downtime
  • Digitisation of systems & processes as a basis for condition monitoring & predictive maintenance

Energy efficiency#sustainability #carbon footprint #climate protection

Optimising how production systems use energy offers plenty of potential for reducing your energy consumption. As part of fluid engineering, we support you with a wide range of energy-efficient products and solutions for reducing your energy consumption and thus lowering your CO2 emissions. With machine cooling that is both efficient and sustainable, with optimised heat recovery, you can reduce your costs by up to 30%. Contact us to make your contribution to protecting the climate.

Process reliability#FunctionalSafety #TechnicalCleanliness #ProductQuality

Reliable production processes and product quality are the cornerstones of smooth production. This involves both reliable production of your devices with consistent quality and the functional reliability of your systems. With our technical cleanliness services and products, we can sustainably reduce system failures in your production processes. Find out how you can increase the efficiency of your system while simultaneously avoiding initial damage.

System availability#ConditionMonitoring #Digitisation #PredictiveMaintenance

Are you looking to reduce your systems’ repair and maintenance times and increase productivity and transparency? We can provide comprehensive advice on system availability. By means of condition monitoring in conjunction with predictive maintenance, potential machine failures and associated production failures are recognised early on, so you can make full use of your system. We are your partner for expertise in selecting and integrating the required hardware and software, and also for interpreting the collected data and then defining a recommended course of action.

Conservation of resources#FluidConsumption #FluidVolume #ServiceLife

The optimum use of fluids is not only crucial from an environment perspective, it can also save costs. HYDAC can support you in reducing consumable materials and saving operating fluids. Let us work with you to extend the service life of your fluids and wear parts.

Our fluid engineering approach can be applied to all kinds of industries:

Machine Tools

Modern automation solutions and high productivity combined with energy efficiency

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Presses & Forming Machines

HYDAC is your partner in hydraulics, cooling, lubrication and other auxiliary functions for presses

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Power Generation

HYDAC: Your partner in optimising auxiliary processes relating to machinery

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Our successes

Optimisation of cutting systems

Drive technology
Fluid Engineering

Energy optimisation with variable speed drive √ Integrated plant engineering solution exceeds reduction targets √ Process optimisation → Find out more!

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Save energy in the automotive plant by converting the machine tools to efficient water-cooling systems

Fluid Engineering
Machine Tools
Thermal management

Machine tool park conversion to raise cooling water system efficiency √ Reduce energy costs √ Enhance your closed water circulation system → Find out more!

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The world’s leading technology for measuring particles in hydrogen systems

Fluid Engineering

Hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles must be clean √ Analyse particles in hydrogen pumps with a filter & measuring cell √ Extend component life → Learn more!

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Efficient separation of moisture in hydraulic and lubrication oil with vacuum dewatering systems from HYDAC for the paper industry

Fluid Engineering

Water in lubricating oil means system downtime and high consumable use √ Get efficient dewatering and monitoring √ Keep oil clean longer → Learn more!

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Fluid Care Portal

Our secure software for managing your equipment and monitoring the condition of your fluids

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