Compact power units are the most compact form of hydraulic supply, with minimum installation dimensions and high flexibility in the layout for the customer. Thanks to small flange dimensions and the optional equipment with stacking modules, the unit can be adjusted to accommodate any installation position and be expanded with new functions at any time. Depending on the available installation space, the control can be flanged-mounted directly to the power unit or integrated as a single stacking module near the consumsers.

In order to cover the various applications HYDAC compact power units are offered in equally various forms. Compact power units are build with air-cooled motors and oil-immersed motors, water cooling is also optional available for one power unit.

Type Maximum pressure (bar) Max. flow rate (l/min) Operating mode Description
DCM 250.0 5.6 Short-term operation S2 = starting at 1 min Intermittent duty S3 = starting at 3% DC power units for the control of tail gates and other rigid mobile applications. Three installation positions possible – especially splash-water protected.
DC1 250.0 18.4 Short-term operation S2 = starting at 1.5 min
Intermittent duty S3 = starting at 4%
DC power units, e.g. for the control of tail gates, stockpickers, lifting platforms, lift trucks...
CO1 250.0 20.0 Short-term operation S2 = 5 min*
Intermittent duty S3 = 20%
Power unit with low installation height and transparent oil container (optional steel tank). For scissor-lift platforms, dock levellers, machine tools, wind energy plants, car lifters ...
CO2 250.0 20.0 Short-term operation S2 = 5 min
Intermittent duty S3 = 25%
Continuous operation** with
periodic duty S6 = 25%*
AC power unit with steel container for more robust applications, e.g. energy technology, switchblades, machine tools... (** with cooler module)
CO3 70.0 18.0 Continuous operation S1 Modular construction kit for power units with energy-efficient, frequency-controlled double-pump and with servicing concept. E.g. for lathes, machine tools...
CA 250.0 12.6 Short-term operation S2 = 3 min
Intermittent duty S3 = 10%
Power unit concept with oil-immersed motor. Particularly suitable for outdoor use, e.g. in travel barriers, dock levellers, switchblades ...
HP 500.0 5.3 Short-term operation S2 = 3 min
Intermittent duty S3 = 10%
High-pressure hydraulics in the smallest space possible. AC power unit, e.g. for clamping forming tools, brake calliper actuation...
L 500.0 12.0 - Modular stacking system for high-pressure hydraulics. For the expansion of control functions of HP compact power units.
ML 350.0 20.0 - Modular stacking system. Simple expandability (also retroactively) of control functions for compact power units.