HYDAC accumulator charging valves control the charging of the hydraulic accumulator within an adjustable switching range. As a result of the combination of HYDAC hydro-accumulator and HYDAC accumulator charging valve, pumps and motors on oil-hydraulics plants with fluctuating flow rate requirements can be dimensioned smaller.
This saves on both costs and energy - unnecessary heat generation is thus avoided.
HYDAC accumulator charging valves have the following advantages:
  • straightforward and optimal system adjustment thanks to valves with various fixed switching pressure differentials (12%, 16%, 21%),
  • switch-off pressures can be set to any value within the setting ranges 100, 250 und 350 bar,
  • low cycle-delta-p,
  • no undesired accumulator discharge thanks to leakage-free poppet valves,
  • manifold-mounted version and version for inline connection can be provided,
  • as the shut-off valve is integrated, no additional time and effort is required for installation.
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