... is the collective term for pulsation dampers, suction flow stabilisers, shock absorbers and silencers (fluid silencers or noise dampers).

Pulsation dampers are comprised in general of bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators, either with or without blocks guiding the fluid current in and out.

Suction flow stabilisers and silencers are based on different construction principles.

Volume and/or pressure fluctuations occurring in fluid technology systems have a negative effect on the function and service life of the individual components in the system. The use of hydropneumatic dampers, following a precise analysis of the system and subsequent dimensional determination of the damper, can reduce these pulsations. This means that the utilisation of HYDAC hydraulic dampers brings economic advantages and process reliability. These advantages include:
  • Reduction of pressure pulsations,
  • Improved output behaviour of displacement pumps,
  • Prevention of breakage to lines and valves,
  • Protection of the measurement devices and their functions in a system,
  • Reduction of the noise exposure in hydraulic systems,
  • Lowering of servicing and maintenance costs and
  • Extended service life of the system.
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