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Multi-station gauge isolators type MS are designed to check up to 9 different pressures in a hydraulic system. Each individual measurement point can be selected by turning the rotary knob.

Multi-station gauge isolators are available in six different versions
These differ mainly in the number of measurement points
- MS2: 6 measurement points
- MS4: 6 measurement points, although one additional tank connection in order to relieve the MS4 after the reading (emptying proceeds automatically after the pressure is read)
- MS5: 5 measurement points with additional 0-position for relief
- MS6: 9 measurement points also with additional tank connection (same as MS4)
- MS7: 8 measurement points also with additional 0-position for relief (same as MS5)

In addition, type MS2 is available in version MS2L, i.e. the connection between the measuring points is shutoff leakage-free in order to ensure pressure is maintained in certain systems.

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