Valvole multivie a 4 vie
Valvole multivie a 4 vie

Valvole multivie a 4 vie

HYDAC 3/2 and 4/2-way ball valves are, according to DIN 2429, units which are used to deflect and block a pressure flow.

HYDAC Multiway ball valves are differentiated in accordance with 2 designs :
KH3 nominal diameter of 04 mm to 32 mm
KH4 nominal diameter of 04mm to 32 mm

Advantages :
- also available in stainless steel
- complete tightness through pressure-supported seals
- no manual resetting, because glandless
- switching limitation through stop pin and stop disk

Other device versions, e.g. for aggressive or gaseous media, are available upon request for practically all utilisation needs.
If desired, test certificates regarding materials testing in accordance with EN-10204 and quality testing certificates in accordance with DIN 55350 Part 18 can be compiled.

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