Central hydraulics for every application In the central hydraulics, various hydraulic functions for the customer's application are combined in one housing. The combination of complex functions in one housing, optimally matched to the available space, with the possibility of optionally flanging on additional features, is a major advantage of this solution. Customised central hydraulic blocks are usually cast from mould cast with cores. We deliver them fully fitted and tested. The central hydraulic system replaces multiple valve housings with many screw fittings, pipes and hoses. Sources of error are reduced and leaks are avoided. In addition, the installation costs can be significantly reduced. Optimised channel management and the resulting low pressure drops can improve the energy efficiency of the entire system. In sum, the central hydraulic system represents the most economical solution for each application. Advantages:
  • Optimal construction space
  • Optimal shape
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Reduction of leaks
  • Optimised costs
  • All from a single source
The concept of central hydraulics can be used across the industry.

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