Modern vehicles have to master increasingly heavy loads. In the case of multi-axis vehicles, more and more flexibility and manoeuvrability is demanded. Here is where the active electrohydraulic auxiliary steering comes into play. Auxiliary axles are steered via the main steering system in accordance with a vehicle-specific steering strategy.
No mechanical connections are required between the steering axes. Thanks to the integrated safety function, which monitors all of the operating statuses of the steering, system errors are detected and the corresponding safety reactions are initiated. The errors detected can be read out to the service via a diagnostics interface.

  • Parameterisation to the respective vehicle
  • Less tyre wear
  • High travel stability through optimum lateral forces
  • Maximum manoeuvrability through steering in the opposite or the same direction
  • Minimisation of vehicle rear-end swivelling-out movement
  • Adjustment to the utilisation profile of the vehicle
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