Strong Accumulators for powerful Hydraulics

Modern accumulator technology continues to be an important foundation for powerful, convenient and efficient hydraulic systems. They are available in four different designs – bladder, piston, diaphragm and metal bellows accumulators – for different applications.

Accidents and disasters bring people together – and the complete destruction of HYDAC’s Plant 2 in Sulzbach an der Saar has served as a reminder of this. Rapid and un-bureaucratic action on the part of all employees on site and all over the world, combined with the support of customers and suppliers, helped to safeguard the supply chain. After all, hydraulic accumulators continue to play a significant role in making hydraulic systems more powerful, convenient and efficient. HYDAC develops, designs and manufactures all four types of accumulator inhouse; interested parties can come and see for themselves at bauma from 11 to 17 April 2016 in Hall A5.449.

Read the complete text in the O+P Special Edition 04 from April 2016