Automotive industry

From the components to the system ...

HYDAC components, systems and services are widely distributed across the different areas of application involved in the production of motor vehicles. With our wide range of products and services and with our competency in development, production, sales and service, we welcome the challenges in the automotive industry and are, among other things, partners for solutions for the following tasks:

  • Reduction of 0 km failures through technical cleanliness
  • Lowering of warranty claims
  • Performance of process chain analyses
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Standardization of components and systems
  • Consultation, engineering and training
  • World-wide service, repair, maintenance and replacement parts supply,
  • measurement, control, regulation of process media such as water, oil, cooling lubricants ...


World-wide approval for the automotive industry DESINA®- standard devices availability - world-wide

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