Fluid Condition Monitoring – the preventive maintenance concept

Monitoring of the fluid condition as a key for high availability of hydraulic systems

Fluid Condition Monitoring is an important part of each preventive maintenance concept for hydraulic systems. The fluid monitoring helps to discover failures and coming damages in time. Lifecycle cost can be reduced in this way and maintenance intervals are able to be planned adequate.

Sensors for contamination, pressure, flow rate and temperature deliver the data about the oil condition. The HYDAC software “CM-Expert” interprets the data immediately. If predefined limit value will be exceeded, CM-Expert is going to give an alert – in belong to the application even in a control stand, that is settled hundreds of kilometres away. Thanks to CM-Expert, the machinery is always in view of the operator. 

You can find further information about CM-Expert and Condition Monitoring from HYDAC in the leaflet "Network Protection of Productivity: HYDAC CM-Expert".

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