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With the aid of the HYDAC charging and testing unit, bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators are charged with nitrogen and/or the existing pre-filling pressure is checked and corrected. Thanks to the wide product range of gas-side adapters for the accumulator and the nitrogen bottle, HYDAC makes it possible to charge practically any hydro-accumulator worldwide. An extensive product range of accessories, e.g. hoses, the pressure-reducing valve and also the protective case, can be assembled in accordance with customer preferences to round out the programme.

In the standard model, the FPU-1 comprises:
  • valve body,
  • spindle screw with elastic seal,
  • non-return valve and unloading valve,
  • pressure gauge with display ranges up to 400 bar,
  • charging hose (to DIN EN ISO 4413 and DIN EN 853 - 857) and
  • A3 adapter for bladder accumulators.

The charging and testing unit FPU-2 is designed for pressures up to 800 bar. More information and brochure material regarding our high-pressure version FPU-2 is available in the download section. Our local representatives and the Technical Sales departments will gladly answer any questions you may have.
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