HYDAC's flushing units are the optimal choice for cleaning your piping and hose assemblies prior to commissioning your hydraulic system. When installing piping in your hydraulic system, contaminants typically end up in the piping sections. This needs to be removed prior to commissioning so that your valve control units and pumps are not damaged beyond repair.

Flushing has been shown to be effective for cleaning piping and hose assemblies. In the process, a fast and turbulent flow is created in the lines that carries off contaminant particle matter, which is then effectively filtered out by HYDAC filters. Our flushing units are fully automatic and are able to control the flushing of lines of up to DN 200 in width. Thanks to the modular design of the tank and the motor-pump assembly, we are able to achieve flow rates of 0 - 1600 l/min.
During the flushing sequence, the solid particle contamination present in the fluid is continuously monitored an outputted as a cleanliness rating according to ISO 4406. A documentation of the flushing sequence can also be outputted.
All our rental equipment is designed for use with mineral oils. Suitability for use with other media needs to be determined in an individual case by testing.
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