HYDAC has many years of experience in the automotive industry, particularly in the area of on-board applications:
The product portfolio ranges from switching magnets, filters, hydraulic accumulators all the way to complete valve/sensor blocks.
We accompany you as required through the entire product development cycles, from design and simulation all the way to series production.
Our development vehicles are:MATLAB/SIMULINK, AMESim, ANSYS

We are an innovative development partner and series supplier to the automotive industry with:

  • In-house prototype construction
  • Individual function and service life test benches

Engine and transmission

  • Solenoids and valves for variable camshaft adjustment
    • Good dynamics
    • Improved controllability
    • High level of function integration

  • Hydraulic accumulators for energy storage and supply for adjustment and switching processes
  • Hydraulic filters for high level of fluid purity for clutch, transmission and engine hydraulics

Chassis anti-roll control and steering

  • Electrohydraulic systems for  Anti-roll stabilization
    • Good dynamics
    • Improved controllability
    • High level of function integration

  • Hydraulic filters in steering and chassis systems
    • High contamination retention rate
    • High contamination retention capacity
    • Filter mat construction made out of glass or   Synthetic fibre
    • Plastic housing
    • Integrated bypass valve
    • Flow rate up to 25 l/min


Rapid-switching electromagnetic actuating elements with low energy requirements for triggering by means of airbag control device

HYBRID technology

Environment emission reduction Energy efficiency HYBRID technology

  • Mounting technology and shut-off valves for  Gas tanks (CNG/LPG)
  • Filter elements and valves for SCR technology
  • Diesel filtration HYDAC Diesel PreCar
  • Lightweight hydraulic accumulators for HYBRID applications

Hydraulic filters

  • Deep-bed filter element for SCR technology
  • High contamination retention rate and contamination retention capacity due to  innovative, multi-layer filter media structure
  • High strength and durable polymer fibre matrix due to thermoplastic bonding of the fibre structure
  • Elimination of structural weak points  (e.g. no seams) Low pressure loss Compact design

Diesel filtration

  • Manual water drainage (Best Cost Design) as conventional, user-dependent solution
  • Fully automatic drainage Plug&Play (high-tech design) as innovative solution for user-independent, fully automatic dewatering, even during intake operation
  • 2-stage water separation intake prefilter
  • Protection of all pumps and components of the fuel system against water and dirt