Forming machines,
hydraulic and mechanical presses

From the component to the system, whether it be hydraulics, cooling, lubrication or additional functions for mechanical and hydraulic presses:

  • Overload systems for mechanical presses
  • Hydraulic systems (power units and control units) for controlling hydraulically actuated clutch/brake combinations (CBC) or just for braking (servo presses)
  • Standardized modules for pressure supply to clutch/brake, lubrication and additional functions (ram adjustment, tool clamping, roller stand, etc)
  • Compact control units in modular design:
    • Basic module with press safety valve and electronic pressure switch
    • Basic module with flange-mounted accumulator unit, constructed in accordance with DGRL
    • Intermediate device, damping module "soft coupling" (optional)
    • Intermediate device, damping module 'soft braking' (optional)

  • Press cylinders and control blocks
  • Compact power units, primarily for tool clamping and pressure supply, up to 500 bar
  • Hydraulic systems for mechanical and hydraulic presses, and for all press-specific functions of metal forming machinery

Measurement technology and condition monitoring for presses

HYDAC Condition Monitoring allows specific online monitoring of your press. The sensors we utilize for this purpose record pressure, overheating, particle contamination, water content, filter differential pressure and fluid filling levels of your pressing plant and enable diagnostics for planned maintenance work. The objectives for the press operator are the reduction of Life Cycle Costs and Total Costs of Ownership:

  • Enhancement of machine availability
  • Reduction of maintenance operations
  • Optimization of personnel utilization
  • Permanent monitoring (trending)
  • Data recording and alarm management
  • Full utilization of machine lifetime

Overload safety block

One-point and two-point version:

  • Pmax = 420 bar
  • Availability: DN 16, 25, 40 and 63
  • Very short response time
  • Integrated pilot control in the main cartridge
  • Hermetically sealing system
  • Low pressure peaks
  • Adjustable force

Overload protection power units

  • Standard volume 12.5 l, but also other modifications e.g. possible with prefilling pump
  • Air-driven hydraulic pump
  • Electronic pressure switch
  • Constant pressure buildup for the overload system
  • Possible pump ratios 1:60, 1:46, 1:28

Hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic power unit for controlling a clutch/brake combination (CBC)

  • Reservoir volumes 25, 40 and 63 liters
  • Modular design with many additional options
  • Electronic accumulator charging function with EDS 3000
  • Pressure circuit filtered, Pmax = 70 bar
  • Optional coolant circuit, oil-water, oil-air cooler
  • Oil collecting pan
  • Connection terminal box
  • Optional Cetop DN 6 connection for auxiliary control