Thermal power plants

We offer:

  • Global presence in power plant technology and service
  • Project-specific design of hydraulic plants and systems in accordance with world-wide power plant standards and regulations
  • Cost optimization through customer-specific system solutions with standard components for water and thermal power plants as well as biomass and waste-to-energy power plants
  • Condition Monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication circuits
  • Full Service - world-wide

Energy dissipation and house-load power supply

  • Transformer

Conventional fuel supply and fuel residue disposal

  • Unloading and storage of solid fuels
  • Supply with gaseous fuel
  • Supply with miscellaneous fuels

Water supply and disposal

  • Treatment of process water

Conventional heat generation

  • Firing space ash removal, firing space purification of discharging device prior up to transfer in disposal system or up to exit from pressure vessel or prior to ash recirculation
  • Bunker complex, distributor plant, crushing plant
  • Main firing
  • Ignition firing
  • Combustion air system
  • Chemical flue gas treatment, catalytic process

Steam, water, gas circulation

  • Feed water system
  • Steam system



Master machine

  • Steam turbine plant
  • Gas turbine plant

Cooling water plant

  • Main cooling water system