The right solution for every task.

  • Status monitoring of oil cleanliness and oil ageing in hydraulic and lubrication oils
  • Measuring technology and electronics
  • Cooling and filter systems
  • Extended service life and operational safety through high-quality filtration
  • Dewatering and oil maintenance units
  • Hydraulics systems and components

Condition Monitoring and sensor systems

Sensors for status monitoring in hydraulic and lubrication oils.

  • Solid matter in oil
  • Water content
  • Oil ageing/viscosity


Easier planning of maintenance work.

Avoidance of critical plant conditions (tank overflows/unplanned downtimes).

Measuring technology and electronics

Sensors for the measurement of

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Filter contamination
  • Fill level


Mobile handheld measuring devices for recording, displaying, processing and storing measurement data.

Media temperature in systems

  • Oil-air heat exchangers and oil-water heat exchangers

Hydraulic filtration

Optimized systems for:

  • Full-flow filters
  • Bypass flow filters (fine filtration in lubrication systems)
  • Breather filters

Process filtration

Automatic back-flushing filter RF3 for:

  • Descaling - sheets and slabs
  • Emulsion treatment
  • Furnace gas expansion turbine
  • Cooling lubricant plants
  • Protective filtration upstream from pumps
  • Feed water filtration

Components and systems

  • Hydro-accumulator
  • Accumulator charging units
  • Valves and control blocks

Special applications

  • Special cylinders, e.g. benders
  • Reservoir levels (electrical furnace)
  • Pump stations (ribbon lap plant)
  • Valve units (slab strip casting plant)
  • Circulating paths (continuous casting plant)


  • Ball valves and fluid level gauges
  • Pipe fasteners, hose and cable fasteners, component fasteners
  • Bell housings and couplings


  • On-site at your premises

Aftersales Service

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