Electrohydraulic steering

Electrohydraulic steering

Modern vehicles must cope with increasingly large loads. Furthermore, on multiple axle vehicles, more flexibility and manoeuvrability are required. This is where the active electrohydraulic addition steering comes in handy. Auxiliary axles are steered via the main steering system in accordance with the vehicle-specific steering strategy.

No mechanical connections are required between the steering axes. Due to the integrated safety function which monitors all steering operating conditions, system errors are recognised and the appropriate safety reactions are triggered. The detected errors can be read out for servicing via a diagnostic interface.


  • Suitable parameterisation for the specific vehicle
  • Less tear wear
  • High driving stability thanks to optimal lateral forces
  • Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to co-rotating or counter-rotating steering
  • Rear swivel minimisation
  • Adjustment to suit the vehicle’s usage profile
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