Mobile systems

With vehicles increasing in complexity and capacity requirements increasing, intelligent systems are called for that make work easier and ensure safety during work and driving.

We supply electro-hydraulic systems from a single source. From the control block to the sensors, incl. controller, and the software, the right solution for the customer’s needs can be put together.

Our in-house experimental laboratory in conjunction with various test tracks provides support in development with practical tests and know-how. Customer machines can be assembled with the desired products here and examined systematically.  

Application-oriented engineering for customer-specific, economical system solutions form the basis for this.

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Components and Systems for Agricultural Machinery
Product brochure EN

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Systems and components for construction machines
Product brochure EN

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6/2 Directional Valve MWV 6/2-12
Product brochure EN

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Priority Valve for Mobile Hydraulics MPV…
Product brochure EN

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Hoist Stabilisation Unit HSE2-16...
Product brochure EN

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Hoist Stabilization Unit HSE-10...
Product brochure EN

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HY-STEER Electro-hydraulic Steering Systems
Product brochure EN

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Use HYDAC Expertise to avoid Air in Hydraulic Systems
Product brochure EN

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STENO Oil mist separator
Product brochure EN

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