Load-sensing directional valves

Load-sensing directional valves

Our load-sensing directional valves work with upstream pressure compensators for systems with constant and variable displacement pumps. Up to ten functions can be controlled independently of each other - as long as the required flow rate does not exceed the max. pump flow.

The operating methods range from hand lever to hydraulic, electro-hydraulic to electronic control units. Switching point monitoring sensors are also available. In addition, there are optimised main control spools for different applications.

The directional valves were developed with a focus on high precision, fine control and energy efficiency. The flexible structure and the compact design makes the directional valves suitable for a wide range of applications.
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LX-6/LX-3 Flyer Load-Sensing Directional Valve
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LX-6 Load-Sensing Sectional Control Valves
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LX-3 Load-Sensing Sectional Control Val ves
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