The range of sensors includes products for the measurement of pressure, temperature, linear position, position, level, flow rate and rotational speed, as well as contamination and oil condition. In addition to products for standard applications, the product range covers special fields of application such as explosive atmospheres and applications with increased functional safety.

Distance sensors

The HYDAC ultrasound distance sensors are used for measuring the distance to fluids and objects. As a result of its functional principle (measurement of the sound transmission time), they operate without contact and with a very high resolution and sampling rate.
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Rotational speed sensors

The contact-free speed sensors of the HSS series detect the movement of ferromagnetic structures, such as gear wheels, gear rims or perforated discs, using the changes in magnetic flux.
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Pressure sensors

Electronic pressure sensors are used for recording pressures in fluid technology systems. Functionality and form of execution are determined by the respective utilisation conditions. To fulfil these requirements, HYDAC offers an extensive range of miniature pressure transmitters including custom multiple pressure switches.
Electronic pressure measuring transmitters collect pressure data and convert these into a proportional output signal.
Electronic pressure switches record the measured variable for pressure, process it and output a switching signal in accordance with the presetting.
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Tilt sensors

In many applications, angles of inclination have to be measured to ensure the function of machines and systems and to control processes.

The measurement systems of the HIT 1000 and HIT 1500 series are single and double-axis measuring systems for the detection of the inclination with regards to their horizontal plane.
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Fluid level sensors, transmitters

In industry, level sensors are used for the most diverse tasks. In the main, sensors which are based on capacitive, magnetostrictive or ultrasonic measurement are used.
HYDAC ELECTRONIC has level sensors for each of these measurement principles in its product range.
Electronic level switches record the fluid level and output one or more switching signals in accordance with the presetting. As an option, the fluid level can also be permanently output as an analogue signal (4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V).  
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Oil condition sensors

Oil condition sensors facilitate online monitoring of the oil condition in industrial and mobile applications. The HYDACLab® HLB 1400 is a multifunctional sensor for online condition monitoring of standard and bio oils. The user is thus informed of changes in the fluid promptly and can immediately take action to rectify unacceptable operating conditions.

Online measurement:

  •  Parameters of the electric fluid
  • Dielectric constant
  • Value atT_ref
  • Relative change in conductivity
  • Water: saturation level
  • Temperature
  • Digital, analogue and switch outputs
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Temperature sensors

For measuring and evaluating temperatures, HYDAC supplies temperature transmitters and temperature switches for installation in pressure lines or for tank installation.

Temperature transmitters measure the temperature and convert it into a proportional output signal.

Electronic temperature switches measure the temperature, process it and output a switch signal in accordance with the presetting.

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Contamination sensors

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Flow rate transmitters/flow switches

HYDAC ELECTRONIC offers a different of flow rate measuring transmitters and flow switches for recording the flow rate in machines and plants.

The flow rate measuring transmitter of the EVS 3000 series works in accordance with the turbine principle (recording the rpm of an impeller wheel rotating in the media flow). Depending on the version, additional connection openings for pressure and/or temperature transmitters are available.   The flow switches/flow transmitters of the HFS 2000 / HFT 2000 series are based on the buoyancy transmitter measurement principle.     Electronic flow rate transmitters for general applications:

  • EVS 3100 (for oils/viscous fluids)
  • EVS 3110 (for water-based media)
  • HFT 2100 (for oils/viscous fluids)

  Electromechanical flow rate switches for general applications:

  • HFS 2100 (for oils/viscous fluids)
  • HFS 2500 (for water/water-based fluids)
  • HFS 250 (for water/water-based coolants)

 Electronic flow rate transmitters for applications in explosive atmospheres:

  •  HFT 3100 (flameproof enclosure)
  • HFT 3110 (intrinsically safe design)
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Linear position sensors

Electronic path sensors are used for recording cylinder positions in fluid power systems. Functionality and form of execution are determined by the respective utilisation conditions. In order to fulfil these requirements, HYDAC offers a comprehensive program, from simple attachment sensors to customer-specific, fully integrated sensors.
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