Multiway ball valves

Multiway ball valves
<div><ul><li>HYDAC 3 and 4 directional ball valves are units in compliance with DIN 2429 that are used to redirect and block a pressure fluid flow.</li></ul></div><div><p>HYDAC multiway ball valves have two different designs:</p><ul><li>KH3 nominal diameter from 4 mm to 20 mm</li><li>KH4 nominal diameter from 4 mm to 20 mm</li></ul><p> The advantages of these ball valves are: </p><ul><li> Visual switching position display by means of grooves on the actuation shaft</li><li> Switch limitation thanks to stop pin and plate</li><li> Fully seals thanks to pressure-supported seals</li><li>No manual readjustment of the seals as there are no glands</li><li>Also available in stainless steel</li></ul></div>
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HYDAC Express


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