Mobile OK-ELH and AC-LNH

Mobile OK-ELH and AC-LNH

The air cooler series OK-ELH / AC-LNH is equipped with a hydraulic motor and was specially developed for mobile applications where high capacities and easy installation in the smallest possible spaces needs to be ensured.

OK-ELH / AC-LNH product features:

  • Cooling capacity up to 140kW
  • Hydraulic motors from 6.3 to 22 cm³/U
  • Simple component removal

Fan control

Hydraulic fan controls control the rotational speed of the fan wheel in accordance with the fluid temperature. They are supplied by a fixed displacement pump and can be installed directly next to the fan motor, by the cooler or somewhere else.
Optionally, these controls can also be delivered with reversal, to “blow out” the cooler from outside to free it from dirt (e.g. dust and sand).

Field of application

For transmission cooling and for hydraulic systems in all mobile working equipment and vehicles, such as

  • Mobile cranes
  • Concrete mixers and pump drives in concrete vehicles
  • Road surfacing machines
  • Construction machines (excavators, wheel loaders)
  • Agricultural machines
  • Municipal machines

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OK-ELH 2-7 Air Cooler Mobile with hydraulic motor

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