Mobile OK-ELH and AC-LNH

Mobile OK-ELH and AC-LNH
<div><p>The air cooler series <strong>OK-ELH / AC-LNH</strong> is equipped with a hydraulic motor and was specially developed for mobile applications where high capacities and easy installation in the smallest possible spaces needs to be ensured.</p><p><strong>OK-ELH / AC-LNH product features:</strong> </p><ul><li> Cooling capacity up to 140kW</li><li> Hydraulic motors from 6.3 to 22 cm³/U</li><li> Simple component removal</li></ul><p><br /><strong>Fan control</strong> </p><p>Hydraulic fan controls control the rotational speed of the fan wheel in accordance with the fluid temperature. They are supplied by a fixed displacement pump and can be installed directly next to the fan motor, by the cooler or somewhere else.<br /> Optionally, these controls can also be delivered with reversal, to “blow out” the cooler from outside to free it from dirt (e.g. dust and sand).</p></div><div><p><strong>Field of application</strong></p><p>For transmission cooling and for hydraulic systems in all mobile working equipment and vehicles, such as</p><ul><li> Mobile cranes</li><li> Concrete mixers and pump drives in concrete vehicles</li><li> Road surfacing machines</li><li> Construction machines (excavators, wheel loaders)</li><li> Agricultural machines</li><li> Municipal machines</li></ul></div>
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