Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are used wherever thermal energy (heat) needs to be transferred from one fluid to another.
They have the advantage that they can keep the fluid temperature at a very low and stable level – depending on the temperature of the coolant.

Plate heat exchangers consist of a stack of stamped heat transfer plates that are either brazed together or braced in a frame with seals.


Brazed heat exchangers are particularly compact and efficient because of how they are designed. As standard, the heat transfer plates are made of stainless steel and brazed with copper. For use with aggressive media, nickel braze can also be used. Copper-brazed plate heat exchangers are pressure-resistant up to 30 bar, and nickel-brazed up to 10 bar. Special versions are also suitable for greater pressures, however.


Gasketed plate heat exchangers are especially suitable for high flow rate and large cooling capacities. The stack of heat transfer plates and gaskets is clamped together with bolts in a frame.
The plate heat exchanger can therefore also be removed for cleaning and maintenance. It is also possible to add additional plates subsequently to achieve a greater capacity.


A plate heat exchanger can be used wherever heat needs to be transferred between two fluids.

Typical applications include:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Presses
  • Lubrication systems
  • Test benches
  • Motors

Brazed plate heat exchangers
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Gasketed plate heat exchangers
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