Trailer suspension

<div id="pdb-layout-2-cols"><div id="pdb-content"><div><div>With trailers increasing in speed and weight, intelligent suspension systems are called for that increase driving safety and make work easier. Incorporating hydropneumatic suspension elements on the vehicle axles reduces the tilt of the vehicle body during cornering, for example, increasing driving stability.<br /> Axle suspensions need to be realised in accordance with the particular machine. Suspension can be provided for one, two or three axles, depending on the vehicle model. Criteria such as the required driving stability and driving safety, the desired driving comfort and also the vehicle’s load dispersion, which may vary considerably, are taken into account.</div><div>For your vehicle, this means one thing:<br /><br /> •       Improved driving safety and directional stability<br /><br /> •       Improved driving characteristics<br /><br /> •       Increased transport and operating speeds<br /><br /> •       Improved driving comfort</div></div></div></div>