Tube, hose and cable mounts

Tube, hose and cable mounts

Clamps to DIN 3015

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Clamps to DIN 3016

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Clamps to DIN 3017

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Buegu clamp

With the HYDAC Buegu clamps, you can secure your pipes, hoses, cables and sensors with a high level of noise and vibration damping. Features: Buegu clamp
  • Diameter range from 6 -20 mm
  • Single and double design
Pipe fittings
  • Diameter range from 6 - 60.5 mm
  • 5 sizes
  • defined initial stress and defined compression strain ensure a permanently secure seat
  • Vibration and noise damping thanks to rubber clamp body
  • gentle component fastening thanks to thermoplastic elastomer
  • mineral oil-resistant material
  • space-saving component fastening with smooth pipe support
  • can be mounted on top of each other without twisting
  • can be mounted on a supporting rail
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Oval clamps

the low-cost solution for securing pipes, hoses and cables


  • quick assembly
  • little space needed
  • sturdy fastening thanks to cover plate
  • different pipe diameters can be combined
  • Clamp halves are connected by a film hinge
  • Clamp made of PP and PA with a temperature resistance from -40°C to +140°C
  • Metal parts are also in stainless steel
  • Clamping range from 6 - 25.4 mm
  • single design sizes 0a - 0d
  • double design sizes 1 - 4
  • Materials PP, PA
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Round steel bolt clamp DIN 3570

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A connection that keeps you flexible. The Velcro base serves as an installation aid for gentle, tool-free fastening, especially of cables, but also of lines and hoses.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reusable
  • Variable
  • Easy handling
  • Tool-free
  • Gentle fastening
  • Self-extinguishing
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