Electronic control technology

Electronic control technology
HYDAC control technology and connectivity. Everything under control with concrete diagnosis.

Mobile controller displays connectivity


Mobile control devices for general applications

The use of electronic, programmable controls in mobile machines is becoming more and more important due to the ever increasing demands for functionality, efficiency and reliability of machines.
No manufacturer can afford any longer to ignore advantageous characteristics such as extremely short reaction times, simple networking, excellent flexibility, small dimensions or weight saving.
In particular, the area of safe function monitoring and minimisation of risk presents new opportunities for the manufacturer which would be impossible without electronic control.
With the HY-TTC family of controllers, HYDAC ELECTRONIC offers the right platform for a wide variety of requirements and applications - always efficient, safe, reliable and flexible.

The range of controls
The HYDAC ELECTRONIC controllers can be divided into two families based on two powerful platforms: a 16 bit and a 32 bit processor.

The 16-bit family includes the compact controllers HY-TTC 30, HY-TTC 32, safety-certified HY-TTC 30S-H and HY-TTC 32S on the one hand, and the base models HY-TTC 50, the HY-TTC 60 design expanded with various inputs as well as the safety-certified and powerful variant  HY-TTC 94 on the other. For applications with 12V supply voltage, the HY-TTC 71 and HY-TTC 77 are available.
In the 32-bit series, the safety-certified HY-TTC 508, HY-TTC 510, HY-TTC 540, HY-TTC 580 and HY-TTC 590 are available. According to IEC 61508 the controller complies with the requirements of safety level SIL 2.

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HYDAC is meeting the different requirements with respect to machine operation and monitoring by means of a wide array of visualisation solutions.

  • Many different display solutions (from simple display to transreflective colour displays)
  • Various display sizes and formats
  • Versions with fixed function keys and with and without touchscreen are available
  • Connection of several cameras possible
  • Various communication interfaces: Ethernet; CAN; RS232; LIN
  • Programmable using CoDeSys® or C/C++
  • Extensive software libraries are available for programming support
  • Expansion package for Tele-Service
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Communication does not come to an end at the mechanical limits of a vehicle. To be able to provide modern, service-orientated services, it is vital for a connection to be established with the outside world. Communication between vehicles is just as important as the ability to exchange information with a centre.
A product range with corresponding interfaces is available for internal machine communication and external communication of digital data.
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