Rental fleet
Rental fleet

Why buy when you can hire?

When equipment is only required for short periods, there is understandable resistance to making any costly investment. Hiring the equipment is an economical and flexible alternative. 

HYDAC operate a large hire fleet of our most popular products. Whether you need flushing equipment, a measuring unit or a mobile filtration system – it’s there ready for you! 

Our specialists will be pleased to advise you in advance on selecting the best unit for your application. We will ensure that the hire equipment will be available on schedule, so that your project runs smoothly.  

  • Dewatering systems 
  • Offline filtration units 
  • Process filtration units  
  • FCU   
  • Measurement devices 
  • Ion exchange units


All our hire units are maintained and inspected to exacting standards and are always ready for operation. 



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Tel: 01993 866366

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