Perfect cooling for inductive adhesion

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Passive fluid-air and fluid-water cooling systems for energy-efficient induction system cooling.

Perfect cooling for inductive adhesion

Using induction to machine components and workpieces is experiencing a boom, and not without reason. This method is above all fast, reliable and repeatable, and there are many potential applications. Parts can be preheated and joined, soldered, hardened or even fused with high precision. Energy can be applied to the workpiece exactly where it is needed. The frequency determines how deep the heat will penetrate the workpiece.

A process that involves the use of many electric components also has high rates of loss. To ensure energy-efficient work and a high-performance induction system, it is vital to use an appropriate cooling system

Improved eco-friendliness and cost savings with HYDAC as a technology partner

Our customer in this example is one of the leading manufacturers of induction systems. Above all, the aim of a newly developed induction adhesion system was to rectify the weaknesses of the previous system with a design which was much more energy-efficient overall. One milestone on the way towards this goal was to find a suitable alternative for the current cooling system.

The customer’s request was directed to the cooling system experts at HYDAC, who visited the premises to assess the situation first-hand and take measurements to determine the actual amount of loss that was occurring. On the basis of this data, it was possible to offer the customer suitable, energy-efficient cooling for the inductors and the frequency converter.

A cooling system for induction coils and power electronics optimised for the application

The analysis of the measurements taken revealed that the active cooling system (chiller) that was being used in the induction adhesion system was not the optimal solution. For these cooling purposes, coolant temperatures never need to be below the ambient temperature. This means that the cooling can be achieved with a passive cooling system.

The HYDAC solution included two options: a fluid-water cooling system (FWKS), to be used if the owner of the adhesion system wants to use their central cooling water supply, or a fluid-air cooling system (FLKS).

The cooling system can be installed directly into the housing of the induction generator in a way that is compact, easy to access and easy to service. The FLKS and FWKS are available in sizes to suit the particular cooling requirements and device type.

The FLKS and FWKS technology

  • Fluid cooling with water glycol
  • Compact, energy-efficient and low-maintenance
  • Various sizes with cooling capacities up to 4.5 kW/K (FLKS) or 250 kW (FWKS) and flow rates up to 300 l/min

HYDAC fluid-air cooling system (FLKS)

HYDAC fluid-water cooling system (FWKS)

The result

As a full-range supplier and expert in both passive and active cooling systems, HYDAC was able to offer the induction system manufacturer the perfect solution for their requirements. The major advantage was that there were two systems to choose from. Using a fluid-air cooling system makes the induction systems independent of the available factory cooling water. Alternatively, it is also possible to use a fluid-water cooling system. Both systems have the same connections and fit in the same cavity directly underneath the frequency converter.

Quote from a HYDAC expert:

“In the industry, people still believe that chillers are the only option for cooling induction systems. We were able to convince our customer that the current cooling system was overdimensioned for their induction adhesion system cooling and that the energy-efficient FLKS or FWKS from HYDAC would be the perfect replacement.” 

The advantages of FLKS and FWKS technology

Reduzieren Sie mit Condition Monitoring und Predictive Maintenance Ihren Energieaufwand und sparen Sie so bares Geld.

Energy efficiency

Energy savings of up to 30%.

Reduced installation space

Installation space optimisation

Compact design that requires little space and can be integrated into the machine.

Simple installation and maintenance

No coolants are needed, so no refrigeration engineers are necessary.

Reducing costs

Cost optimisation

Lower procurement costs and running costs in comparison with chillers.

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