Break-out boxes

Break-out boxes

To simplify the commissioning process and to speed up field diagnostics, we can offer various break-out-boxes that are compatible with our controllers.

The boxes can be directly integrated into the existing cabling with the supplied connection cable. If the existing cables are located in an awkward position (e.g. right in the middle of the motor compartment), they can be extended by 3 metres with an additional extension cable (harness extension cable). This would be advisable for ergonomic reasons.

Thanks to the 4 mm safety lab connector, conventional measurement equipment can be used. The safety lab connectors practically eliminate unwanted short-circuits when connectors are plugged in/disconnected (e.g. caused by the cable falling onto the vehicle floor). The short-circuit plug jumper has a double pick-up. This means that measurements and manipulations are possible simultaneously.

Perfectly matching break-out-boxes are available for the various controller sizes.

The break out boxes can also be easily fitted in challenging conditions using corresponding mounting eyes.

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