Mobile filtration systems

Mobile filtration systems

With its mobile filter systems, HYDAC offers an extensive range of professional solutions for hydraulic service and maintenance. They are used for the filtered filling and/or repumping of hydraulic and lubrication media, for flushing at the time of startup or for continuous offline filtration. Convenient mobile devices are used to separate solid particles (with or without integrated fluid sensors) in multiple systems:

  • Portable filtration units
  • Mobile filtration units
  • Clean filling and flushing
  • Flexible use in different systems
  • Relieves workload of main line filter
  • Greater system availability
  • Longer service life of hydraulic and lubrication fluids
  • Reduction in life cycle cost
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MFU-15 MobileFiltration Unit
Product brochure EN

(2.16 MB)

MFU-30 – 100 MobileFiltration Unit
Product brochure EN

(2.72 MB)

OFX Filtration Unit
Product brochure EN

(0.81 MB)

Fluid Control Contamination Handbook
Product brochure EN

(5.58 MB)

Fluid Conditioning. All-Round Protection from the Fluid to the System.
Product brochure EN

(6.04 MB)