Gas Coalescer Filter GCF

Gas Coalescer Filter GCF

For particle and aerosol separation – optionally with integrated cyclone pre-separator


  • Filtration of moist gases
  • With integrated cyclone pre-separator for applications where moist gases and a large amount of aerosols, oil mists and condensate can be expected
  • Variants:
     - Single filter
     - Double filter (single block)
     - Double filter (double block and bleed )


  • Reliable filtration of fluid and particulate contamination down to 0.1 μm
  • Double-sealing design for hazardous gases
  • Design with no weld seams for best corrosion resistance (H2S)
  • No pressure loss caused by switchover process
  • Simple filter element change
  • High contamination retention capacity for the filter elements
  • No reduction in cross-section (particularly change-over valve and filter element)
  • Cost reduction in overall system thanks to flow- and pressure-loss-optimised integrated cyclone pre-separator
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