CO1 compact power units

CO1 compact power units

Our CO1 compact power units are small electrohydraulic supply units of power class 0.4 to 3 kW for supplying three-phase voltage, featuring energy-efficient intermittent and short-term operation. As special components are used, our compact power units have minimal noise emissions. The CO1 power units are perfect for stationary applications, such as for lifting and lowering loads or for tensioning and clamping functions in machine tools. Our CO1 compact power units are highly flexible in terms of their structural design, as various hydraulic controllers can be realised in the central flange thanks to flexible placement of cartridge valves and the controller can be expanded by mounting control manifolds or function modules.
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CO1 MS21 HYDAC Compact Power Unitfor use in Machine Saws
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CO1 MF21 HYDAC Compact Power UnitFor auxiliary functions in machine tools
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CO1 HYDAC Compact Power Units
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