Pump combinations SKPI

Radial piston pumps SKPI, combined with a mounted external gear pump, are highly lightweight and compact 2-circuit pumps (HP/LP) in hollow shaft design. The new IEC flange – in three sizes – enables space-saving mounting to electric motors without bell housing and coupling, either inside or outside the tank. The pump is now available both with and without valve island, with integrated pressure relief valve DVM (700 bar) and pressure cut-off valve DAM. This makes the pump unbeatable in terms of multifunctionality and space optimisation.

Operating pressure LPUp to 250 bar
Displacement LP4.5 to 14.0 cm³/rotation
Operating pressure HPUp to 700 bar
Displacement HP0.47 to 2.71 cm³/rotation
Speed rangeUp to 2000 rpm
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Installation Manual SKPI with valve island
Assembly/repair instructions EN

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Installation Manual SKPI without valve island
Assembly/repair instructions EN

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