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Heavy diesel engines are not only used in  power plants. 

They also lie at the heart of large ships such as container ships or cruise ships (AIDAaura, AIDAvita). 

Often each cylinder on these engines has its own injection pump. 

During the injection process, rhythmical pressure pulsations can occur which places stress on the whole fuel system and all the integrated components. 

These pulsations are reduced or eliminated by using the HYDAC Metal Bellows Accumulator. 

With the HYDAC Metal Bellows Accumulator, instead of a bladder or diaphragm, a metal bellows is used as the flexible separating element between fluid and gas. 

In comparison with conventional solutions, the metal bellows  accumulator has the following distinct advantages: 

  • The metal bellows is practically gas-tight 
  • Resistance to all conventional fuels 
  • Resistance at high temperatures up to 160°C, also 
  • Reduction maintenance and monitoring to a minimum 
  • Increase in availability of entire system 

With its new development HYDAC has produced a cost-effective damper which is without rival in terms of maintenance and service. It increases the availability of the entire system. 

You save money and the purchase costs will be repaid within a short time. 

Above all the HYDAC Metal Bellows Accumulator represents a new type of accumulator to complement the tried and tested bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators in the HYDAC Technology GmbH product range and therefore closes the gap of gas-tight accumulators

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