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At HYDAC A/S we want to attract students and apprentices with different profiles and backgrounds. We offer you opportunities and support to help you thrive in your journey of self-discovery and development. As a student, you have different opportunities if you want to cooperate with us: Internship, do a study-project or become a student assistant.

Most importantly, we jointly define the purpose of the internship or study project from the beginning. Within a well-defined framework and goals for our collaboration, we will be able to plan the process and define the success criteria. This will help us achieve a fruitful collaboration and avoid misunderstandings, disappointment and failure of expectations on both sides.

With us, you can share your ideas and develop your professional skills as well as personal competencies. We know that there are many students and only a few seats. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Study Project

It is often very fruitful to collaborate and make projects with companies during your education. The project is probably based on a specific problem in HYDAC, but most importantly, the study project creates value for both of us.


Internship is a powerful tool to provide you with authentic learning experiences. It is a good way to build bridges between theory and practice. As an intern you will gain a comprehensive insight into the way HYDAC works. We attempt to provide you with tasks that suit your knowledge and wishes.  

Bachelor / Master's Thesis

90 % of all graduation projects are made in cooperation with an external collaborator. At HYDAC we have graduation projects with students from different educational background.  It is our perception that you will become a lot better at communicating, planning, developing and to successfully bring out what you have learned during your education.

Student Assistant

An Internship or a study project can also become a starting point for your future career. At HYDAC we have several success stories where an intern become a student assistant afterwards.

We offer

 Ambitions on your behalf

We believe that you can do your best and achieve your goals. We want you to succeed in implementing your project or idea and we believe that you can do it even better than you think you can. We know that we need you to solve the future challenges.

We provide you with resources 

We provide you with resources such as time, materials and professional sparring to realize your project or your business idea. We make sure that you have acess to equipment, supplies, and a working space.

Realisation of your projects

You will have the opportunity to work on real-life cases and to see your work in action. We want to realize your project by helping you identify areas where your idea or project can grow and improve professionally.

Professional and technical know-how

We take our time to help you with professional challenges, which may emerge during a project or an internship. We know that it's important for you to feel supported and to know that you are progressing. Therefore we provide  you with adequate  supervision  and  offer the opportunity to work on tasks that are career-related, progressive and challenging for you.

 Solidarity - We help each other

We help each other. Together we have a responsibility to make Hydac a great place to work. It is important that we make room for fun and joy. In this spirit, we have set up football tables, where you can compete with Hydac employees.

 Great food - Canteen

One of our big priorities is health and therefore it is important what we eat. Every morning, our canteen offers homemade buns with cheese and cold cuts. For lunch, we offer warm and cold dishes, and throughout the day fresh fruit is available for everyone.

Personal branding

Beside experience and network, you can use Hydac to boost your visibility and your skills through social media or through your CV. You are more than welcome to promote your project at Linkedin.

 Achieve personally and academically goals

We want to help you in developing awareness of your strengths, values and interests, which will enable you to better align your personal and future professional direction.

Our Culture

Our culture is the product of our values ​​and the contribution of our employees. Many employees refer to it as 'the Hydac-spirit', that's felt every day at work. The words that best describe the HYDAC-spirit are; kindness, smile, joy, fun, helpfulness, openness and honesty, and we hope you'll experience it for yourself when you visit HYDAC A/S as a guest, or when you start as a new employee.

To know more about our initiatives to maintain the HYDAC-culture, check out our culture profile here: HYDAC Kultur Profil 2017/2018


In the same way as we hire for a wide variety of roles and functions, we also have students with a wide range of backgrounds. Collaborating across disciplines provides different perspectives on a project that can be very beneficial for your professional development as well as for us as employers.

We have collected some projects from former students at HYDAC.

Developing a mobile filtring unit

Mads Haubjerg og Henrik Vollsen

This bachelor thesis made by Henrik Vollesen og Mads Haubjerg from 3/9-2918 to 21/12 2018.

The project examines the concept development, design, technical aspects and economics of mobile offline filtration equipment in the form of a new product called OLFCOM (offline filtration contamination monitor) for use in the filtration process of hydraulic systems.

Upstream Supply Chain Improvement

Christian Kirdorf og Lasse Gudmandsen

This Master Thesis made by Christian Miethe Kirdorf og Lasse Petersen Gudmandsen from 1/9-2018 to 2/1-2019.

The aim of the project was to improve processes related to the upstream supply chain at Hydac A/S and reduce the number of stockouts.


If you would like a collaboration with HYDAC or if you have any questions, please contact Anne Beyer.

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