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HYDAC is your partner for food and drink machines

The food industry’s requirements for food, drink and packaging machines are just as diverse as the products themselves, and they continue to grow.

We see our customers in the food and drink industry facing new, rapidly growing consumer trends. And the profitability of the products and the price sensitivity of the consumers always need to be taken into account. This poses complex challenges not only for the food-producing companies but also for the machine and system manufacturers.

With a worldwide presence and a team of experts in food and drink applications, HYDAC provides more than just products. Drawing on our many years of experience, we can support you in selecting economically and technically optimum system solutions.

We are also your innovative partner when it comes to solving problems in existing systems – from increasing efficiency to optimising the costs of your business operations.

Process reliability in food and drink machines

Rapidly growing product ranges in the food and drink industry call for flexible solutions in order to reduce retooling times while increasing efficiency, avoid downtime and thus maximise the production capacity of your system. HYDAC sensors, for example, support the evaluation of system data with IO-Link communication interface and with smart sensors. This means that processes can be analysed quickly and easily and production processes can be optimised sustainably. 

  • Process monitoring with pressure sensors, series HDA, EDS and HYDAC and smart sensors, series HPT 1000, also suitable for functional safety to ISO 13849
  • Monitoring and dewatering of gear lubrication with offline filtration of series OLF, oil condition sensors of series HLB and AquaSensors, series AS
  • Compact hydraulic units, for example series CO1, CO3 and Hybox
  • Electromechanical linear drives, series HEZ
  • Filtration of fluids and gases

Thermal management in food and drink applications

Needs-based thermal management protects the food and sustainably increases the efficiency and service life of your food machine. As an expert in all cooling and temperature-control tasks, HYDAC can offer integrated thermal management systems. We supply solutions for all cooling concepts from our wide portfolio. We are highly committed to using the available resources responsibly and to making use of unavoidable waste heat. In combination with our innovative technology, we can achieve the best possible configuration quality.

  • Fluid-air cooling systems, series FLKS, & fluid-water cooling systems, series FWKS
  • Cooling units (chillers), series RFCS
  • Oil-air coolers, series OK, OS or AC
  • Plate heat exchangers, series PWT or HEX, especially maintenance-reduced on request

Hygiene design in the food and drink industry

Food and drink production is reliant on trust from the consumers. Food safety is therefore a key topic and it plays a central role in engineering and system design. In the production systems, a design that allows appropriate cleaning and hygiene is a high priority in the selection of product components and systems. HYDAC pressure sensors and electrocylinders are suitable for applications in the food industry and they are available in front-flush design, or compliant with hygiene design on request.

  • Pressure switch, series EDS
  • Pressure transmitter, series HDA
  • Electromechanical linear drives, series HEZ

Sustainability for applications in the food and drink industry

From the harvesting machine to the processing and the packaging, HYDAC is closely involved in food production. Sustainability, conservation of resources and a favourable energy balance with a reduced carbon footprint are becoming important issues for end users and consumers. As a system supplier in food and drink production, we play our part in protecting the climate. HYDAC can support you from the initial quotation onwards with custom:

  • system solutions for your machine and system engineering,
  • fluid engineering in existing production systems,
  • condition monitoring for predictive and proactive maintenance.

The HYDAC advantages at a glance HYDAC has a global presence: thanks to HYDAC’s global network, which extends to 51 countries, our experts are always close at hand – think global, act local.

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