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Paper manufacture

High-quality paper manufacture calls for maximum machine availability. We achieve this with efficient fluid filtration and cooling in our hydraulic, lubrication and water systems – while saving you maintenance and operating costs. At the same time, we use our expertise to advance your company with regard to the conservation of resources, sustainability and process reliability with innovative HYDAC solutions.

Pulp manufacture

Pulp, as the main component of paper manufacture, is itself obtained using a complex procedure – any malfunction in the production steps can bring the entire process to a standstill. HYDAC supplies a wide range of hydraulic and lubricating systems, components for water treatment, measuring sensors and oil service – to increase and maintain your system availability.

Sustainability & conservation of resources

Manufacturing 1 kg of paper from wood still requires roughly 500 L water. Sustainable approaches to production that conserve resources are topics that are crucial for the paper industry’s future. HYDAC supplies intelligent technologies in components that you can use to reliably save fresh water and close water cycles effectively.

Sustainability in pulp and paper production: our product solutions

HYDAC filter technology Air-X

HYDAC innovation for the filtration of hydraulic and lubrication oils in paper machines: with the Air-X filter, tank volumes can be reduced by up to 40%. In addition to saving space, you can also efficiently save CO2.


HYDAC back-flushing filter AutoFilt® RF3

The self-cleaning automatic filter AutoFilt® RF3 with conical filter elements ensures maximum efficiency during filtration and the highest possible effectiveness in back-flushing. Benefit from the many advantages of our sustainable filter technology.


HYDAC AutoFilt® TwistFlow Strainer

Efficient and service-friendly – our TwistFlow Strainer is suitable for severe fluctuations in the quality of your untreated water. The constant filtrate quality ensures continuous filtration operation. Find out about our sustainable solutions.


HYDAC tank solution OXiStop

The HYDAC OXiStop tank solution typically results in oil volumes that are one tenth the size and reduces dirt ingress and the gas content inside the tank. Increase your oil service lives over the long term with our innovative technology.


HYDAC clogging indicator VFL

To ensure that an element’s service life is utilised to the full, our Virtual Fluid Lab visualises the remaining service life for your filter elements. Our decades of experience in filtration make it possible. Lower your life cycle cost in the long term thanks to our intelligent algorithm.

More information about HYDAC clogging indicators

Energy efficiency

Minimising pressure losses, optimising switch-off times and downtime and efficiently cooling units makes it possible to save energy effectively in the pulp and paper industry – which pays off, both economically and ecologically. Energy-efficient drive systems with integrated safety functions provide the required level of safety. In addition to the appropriate technology, HYDAC has the required know-how to perfectly adapt our applications to suit your needs.

Energy efficiency in pulp and paper production: our product solutions

HYDAC filter element Optimicron® Pulp & Paper

For the filtration of typical paper machine oils, HYDAC has developed the Optimicron® Pulp & Paper series. It is installed in lubrication applications in the dry section, the wet section and the calendar. We extend your service life – thanks to increased contamination retention capacity.


HYDAC fluid/water cooling system

Our FWKS is a compact passive cooling system for your cooling and lubrication circuits. HYDAC supplies an extensive portfolio for your efficient cooling: from fluid cooling systems and air coolers to cooling units.

More information about HYDAC cooling system

HYDAC piston accumulator station

From the component to the system – our modular piston accumulator portfolio enables precise realisation of your wishes and specific requirements. Together we will find the optimum solution for your application.

More information about HYDAC piston accumulator station

HYDAC variable speed drive solution

For highly efficient variable-speed hydraulic drives, our KineSys portfolio provides individual components and systems for increasing your energy efficiency. Find out about our innovative drives.


Process reliability

Our HYDAC solutions for process reliability are geared towards reducing unscheduled downtime and protecting system components in pulp and paper production over the long term. Designed and realised to meet your requirements and in internationally certified quality, our industry-specific filtration and system solutions provide you with support – for safe plant operation.


Process reliability in pulp and paper production: our product solutions

HYDAC hydraulic and lubrication oil units

From the component to the complete turnkey system – using its sound knowledge of the paper industry, HYDAC works with you to develop your custom solutions. Optimise your oil supply systems.


HYDAC sensors with IO-Link interface

Joining Industrie 4.0 – our IO-Link sensors make it possible. They serve as a digital interface for the actuator and sensor level and their remote parameterisability enables adjustments to be made as part of commissioning or during ongoing system operation.

More information about HYDAC sensors

HYDAC oil filtration

As an expert in fluid power applications, we supply our space-saving and service-friendly NF n+1 filter series so you can achieve the required cleanliness in your operating fluids. You can rely on our modular systems.

More information about HYDAC oil filtration

System availability

With HYDAC’s unique all-inclusive service, you can achieve maximum system availability: thanks to skilled contacts for spare parts, our reliable, worldwide service and digital systems for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance. With our solutions, we pave the way for your digitisation. You can count on us!

System availability in pulp and paper production: our product solutions


We increase your system availability thanks to networked and predictive monitoring. Our CMX platform analyses and visualises your process and machine data. Security guaranteed – on your local server or in the cloud.

HYDAC dewatering unit FAM

Lower residual water content and less particulate contamination in your operating fluids leads to higher service life in your components and greater machine availability. Find out about the FluidAqua Mobil – our reliable protection from water and dirt ingress.

HYDAC Varnish Elimination Units

For the treatment of mineral oils, our service-friendly Varnish Elimination Units are available as a complete unit for retrofitting in existing systems and for new systems. Increase your productivity by efficiently removing varnish.

More information about HYDAC Varnish Elimination Units

HYDAC Condition Monitoring Package

Our CMP serves to continuously monitor the solid particle contamination and water saturation of your hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Discover the benefits of our Online Condition Monitoring System – our complete solution for condition-based maintenance.

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